I can't imagine this ending in anything other than terrible pain for the transplant patient, to an extent I don't wish on anyone. I hope TIMs thinking about this kind of surgery will reconsider. Their bodies aren't made for this. Having an unnecessary organ transplanted in will mean a lifetime of immunosuppressive drugs, internal scar tissue that can cause more problems, and health complications down the line.

I'm not even in favor of uterus transplants for women. Again, it's not life-saving and it means a lifetime of complications and drugs and health concerns. But for men? Even bigger hell no. This is cruel and unethical medical experimentation.


Unironically this. They blame terfs for everything, including male violence, so I wouldn't be surprised if we get blamed for that too.

"TERFs are forcing poor innocent trans women to get uterus implants to prove their womanhood!"


They' ll claim that those deaths are caused by the fact that transphobes are not helping allies by fighting against "medical development" or by not donating their time, money or organs for research.

I bet everything I have that they' re going to complain that not enough women are donating their uteruses for this abomination of an experiment.

Lol, medical development hasn’t fully researched wombs in women’s bodies. The absolute last thing we need is medical research on wombs in men’s bodies to fuck shit up even more for us.

[–] Livin 5 points Edited

They'll claim that not enough young women under the age of 25, with perfect health, are donating their uteruses to them

And it'll have to be the uterus of a woman who hasn't had a child, because I've read that it's more dangerous or risky for men to accept blood transfusions from women who have been pregnant. I think this would apply to organ donations as well, but I am not sure.

They’ll also coerce more women into thinking they’re men so they’ll ‘voluntarily’ hand over their uteruses, which will condemn them to a whole host of health problems including early onset dementia.

I think this one is gross even if it is woman to woman. If I hadn’t already changed my organ donation status this would make me do it.

That uterus transplant thing makes me seethe. Plenty of people with bad hearts, livers, kidneys etc die waiting on transplant lists. The science of organ repair and transplant still needs to be advanced for people whose bodies are literally slowly dying because their natural organs don’t work right, and all this time, money, and research is being wasted on giving a man an organ he doesn’t even fucking need! The desire of these trans shills to fully replace women with frankenmen is disgusting. Men have always hated and tried to control women for their reproductive power, and now their solution because we finally have rights to say no and control whether we have babies or not is to create the fucking sacred trans woman who can do everything they want women to be with none of the complaining. Seriously fuck these misogynists and anyone who supports this and champions this as “science” or “healthcare.” They’re all contemptible fucking freaks and sadistic to do this while people are rationing their insulin, dying of cancer and having real organ failure. I didn’t hate TIMs until now but I do. Fuck them all, and fuck their supporters.

[–] bettyspaghetty 10 points Edited

Yeah, we've already seen them piss and moan because their SRS had to wait since COVID or patients with breast cancer were a higher priority for surgery. Everything has to be about them - not an iota of empathy to be found, and I'm okay with returning the favor. He wants to act like an entitled manchild screaming about how it's not fair that people are having legit medical emergencies and it's preventing him from getting his fantasy bod? I'll treat him like the scumshit he is.

I thought I already peaked but shit like this just boggles me. It goes beyond being self-centered and whining about your medical issues not being prioritized. It’s just pure evil to want this, to demand this, and it’s evil for anyone to support such a waste of research money when cancer ravages our aging populations and actual illnesses are under researched. Like fuck. How can anybody be this evil

Pornsickness and being surrounded by creeps that treat him like a precious little bean is probably how it happens. Lord knows I never got that kind of leeway for being bratty.

[–] Livin 3 points Edited

The research on women with uterus transplants is still incredibly new and experimental. I am not sure if they have even conducted any research about uterus transplants in Intersex women yet. If it's still a very new procedure and more research needs to be done, why would TIMs suddenly get to have uterus transplants! Before uterus transplants even go to TIMs, they should first go to women and Intersex women.

honestly i wanna see them try it. their narcissistic delusions know no bounds to the point that they're really arguing that TIM womb transplants and pregnancies are possible. ok, if you're so sure about that then why not go ahead and try? 😊

[–] Medusa91 8 points Edited

Im more than happy for the sacrifice a few of them and their handmaidens will make.

Honestly I know it’s mean but this whole concept is flat out rediculous. Mens bodies cannot carry a pregnancy.

A woman’s entire body is involved in gestation, we still don’t even understand how it all works. It’s literally hardwired into our bodies, our uterus is created in our mothers womb and we’re born with all the eggs we ever have. It takes years of development for our body to be at a stage if it can carry a pregnancy. Our pelvis and spine are developed to be flexible enough to carry the weight of an infant and all the fluid. Add to that our bodies create an entire new fucking organ for the baby that we still know very little about, and after the birth our bodies discard that organ.

Think about how even a woman’s hands and feet swell, her entire abdominal wall stretches, her organs rearrange to fit the infant in. All things a man’s body isn’t designed to do.

And even our bodies that are designed to do it arnt brilliant at it

Remember aswell that a woman who’s been pregnants blood is more dangerous to a man than another man’s blood. I’d hazard a good guess that transplanting our regular organs to them would also be dangerous and higher risk of rejecting.

Even if you managed to get it in him and stitch him up his body is going to reject it, his brain doesn’t recognise the hormones required for a uterus. Hell he’s six months of estrogen pills away from not having his uwu soft skin and being a man again.

He won’t be able to carry a pregnancy, in rats they had to attach a pregnant female rat to him like some kind of human dialysis machine. They’d have better luck transplanting their brains over and even then they’d die.

This is just a vanity project. Mother Nature isn’t kind to makes at the best of times, in this case she’d be a massive fucking TERF.

Not to mention the god damned round ligaments to hold in the expanded uterus. A uterus tossed into a man's abdomen would be a hernia from inception. I can't even imagine the alien chestburster shit that would happen if a baby started growing under a man's skin with no support.

On Reddit, some delusional TIMs claim that womb transplants in TIMs have already happened! And that it's this darkly held secret, and still very experimental, so that's why people don't know

lmao as IF. Apart from the fact the doctors can barely even invert their penises without causing sepsis and anal collapse, They're far too narcissistic to ever keep something like that a secret. if we lived in a universe where that was biologically possible and they actually did it, we would literally never hear the end of it lol

“Racist doctors only ever do research on cis white men, they need to research trans healthcare!”

(But also the research can’t find anything negative about transing)

I think their real strategy would be to pretend it never happened, cover it up, and do everything they can to make sure the human experimentation continues.

Never in my life have I seen TRAs do anything to call out injurious surgeons.