It’s porn. One of my exes thought I could just switch lactation on and off at will somehow like my breasts are a flipping faucet. He used to watch a lot of porn as it turned out, and much of it was lactation porn.


My educate guess is that in their mind lactation is akin to ejaculation. They tie too much sexual pleasure to squirting fluids.

Some men think that about periods too. Like we can pause menstruation and resume when we want. How nice would that be?! 😂

I had one go off on a rant because he thought my period should have "paused" since I'd drank alcohol the previous night?? This was right after being baffled that I "had been on the rag for a month straight."

(Disclaimer: I only volunteered that information at all because this group of people were hassling me for not wanting to go to a campsite bbq, and this was the 3rd month in a row that their invitation fell on the worst day of my period)

shows just how far their thought process goes. If I was in control of it, why wouldn't I just turn it off forever?

Reminds me of men who think we can “hold in” a period like we can urine 😂🙄

[–] Committing_Tervery I ❤︎ terfs 5 points

Omg, what? That’s crazy. Where do they get these ideas?

No idea 😂 ignorance of female anatomy and/or sexist male centric school curriculum 🤷🏻‍♀️

Sounds like a sure recipe for mastitis, that's what. Can you imagine being engorged your entire postpubescent life except for when you were nursing a baby? Miserable.

Having worked at an educational farm, I will say that surprisingly few people know that cows need to give birth before giving milk. Even adults. Even mothers! Although they usually follow up their surprise by looking really sheepish. 🤣

Men don’t know shit about our bodies. Even the ones pretending to be us still don’t know shit about our bodies.

All students should learn about human reproduction in school, not just girls. It's shameful that men don't know this basic stuff.

I remember having to explain to a male friend why women get periods. I thought the same thing.

Not to mention all the men who think women urinate out of our vaginas (not "vagina" as in vulva, but the actual vagina).

"Just breastfeed!" Ack.

I'm very pro-breastfeeding but it's so difficult. I tried to nurse mine but it was almost impossible. They might have died without formula, especially my son because he was very opposed to properly latching.

They also don't know we have a period and pee out of two different holes. I can't say I'm shocked that a dude thinks we have a continuous milk supply.

I had to explain to Nigel and my brother (at the same time) that women don’t pee out of our vagina, we have a urethra too 🙄

I'll be that's because they both urinate and ejaculate from their penis, and they extrapolated from their own experience and anatomy.

and yet? Men wish to enact and enforce laws on what women can do with the bodies.

The very definition of the halt leading the blind.

[–] yesisaiditxx 7 points Edited

I never wanted to take birth control so I kept up with my periods to the extent I would sometimes even log my temperatures…and each time I was in a relationship and talked about it with my boyfriend using words like “ovulation” and saying things like “because sperm can live for up to 5 days” and “the luteal phase— the time between when you ovulate, the egg dies, and you get your period, is the same length each cycle, so if your period is “late” you just didn’t ovulate until later than usual…” they’d try to pretend they understood but I could see a total blank space behind their eyes. When I’d ask them if they knew what I was saying despite my clear description they’d admit they didn’t really understand. The excuse was always “I didn’t learn about this” and I’d be so confused myself just sitting there thinking “if men were the ones who had children or if I were one and knew I could get someone pregnant I would be so curious that I would look for information on it on my own”.

I truly can’t fathom that you could go through life not even caring one single bit to comprehend the most basic details of a woman’s reproductive system. I know men have male and female sperm, and that they are less potent the more frequently he ejaculates, and they have refractory periods, and the sperm is made in the balls so things like blood clots there can cause infertility, etc. because I, again, tend to think it’s worth knowing a bit about half of the population who play a role in reproduction.

Imagine kicking a man in the balls and then acting confused when he reacts with pain. "Well, I never learned about this, why are they so sensitive?"

If you ever want to know every detail of your cycle, hang out on a TTC board for a few months and ask questions. Those women have so much knowledge to share.

Never had I known that cervical mucus is actually REALLY IMPORTANT until TTC.

The excuse was always “I didn’t learn about this” 

LMAO neither did we!

I had to seek this information out on my own. Nobody taught it to me, buddy.

This especially makes me angry because I have so many friends struggling due to the formula shortage. Literally spending hours of their weekends going from store to store looking for their brand/type. As if they don't have enough to manage already

[–] TransWidow Memoir Soon! 11 points

Reminds of the guy I met who thought you couldn't pee with a tampon in.

I thought this when I was in school, but I was also an awkward 12 year old who hadn't had things explained to me properly. Listening to 50 year old men being confidently clueless really bristles me.

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