'as a man, I-' ok didnt ask dont care

Would you rather have them not identify themselves?

no, I would rather have them not on the site. For real tho, they always seem to lead with this line if some bullshittery is about to follow

[–] OneOddBird 9 points Edited

There was one who was commenting on some it’s a fetish thread about TIMs invading female spaces and his line was “as a MAN I don’t understand this perverted desire of TIMs to be in female spaces !” And he didn’t realize the irony at all….of him invading a female space. It’s like he wanted asspats for not being a TIM but doing the exact same shit

Like, damn. Just lurk. That's more than generous. Feel the fucking vibe, sir.

[–] Future Is Female 28 points

I completely understand that it’s impossible for Ovarit to ban men from here.

The onus should be on men to just stop and think if they realllly need to add their voices to a women’s forum. Guys, you’ve got the whole rest of the internet, please just sit this one out, just read and learn.

And I'll say to the actual female users here, but males who invade spaces meant for us are not allies. They are already violating our space, already insulting us. Don't trust them and don't give them the time of day.

Men will never understand this though. They’re incapable of understanding that their maleness does not entitle them to everything. In the minds of most men, penis = ability to do whatever I want with zero introspection. The fact that they even feel the need to lurk around and comment and try to get asspats from women here is proof that they never learn. This is perhaps one of the website least friendly to men on the web and they still show up.

I don't know, it depends on the bloke.

I know there are a few from GC Twitter that lurk here but don't comment or post anything.

Lurking is one thing, going to the point of taking an invite code meant for a female and making an account when nobody wants you to is another.

I remember one of the first days I joined ovarit a man had posted a long essay about how great of an ally he was , and how he doesn’t understand why women don’t want men in their toilets/spaces because .... he knows we like to powder our noses. He legitimately thought he ate that hot take. Like dude .. this is deeper than makeup and bladder shyness. He obviously got 100s of comments calling out his bullshit. He clung on to that tone deaf take and continued to double down when women were telling why we actually didn’t want men in our toilets. The audacity of a man coming into a space women have carved out on the internet, to spout some uninformed , sexist generalisations and MAINTAIN the delusion that they are an ally.

I have only ever noticed one man and he was banned pretty quickly, and deservedly so. He boasted to me via DM that he had lots more invite codes and would just keep creating accounts but he must have run out and/or the mods here have extra supernatural powers because I never saw him again.

In general the men here must be quite discrete as I don't notice them and I'm not aware of them killing the vibe. If they want to lurk and learn, let them. Goddess knows they all need to learn.

Actually I would expect most men to find it terrifying here as there are so many women who are fearless, highly intelligent, extremely cutting and witty and most men would shrivel up and die under the Ovarit laser beam of truth and female power.

I once had a fully grown 40 year old man tell me he was a feminist AND a lesbian in the same scentence. I just gave him the look. I agree with most of you. Don't give the men on here the time of day. Just ignore them and they will go away 9/10 times. Men, do better. Get off this platform please.

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