Damn are they really that blind to the irony that this is a total sausage fest standing around foaming at the mouth to hurt women they disagree with and are only stopped due to security and cameras?

Where are the police to intervene when this happens?

They still were assaulting this woman and no cop intervened?

We really need to start prosecuting these violent rapists at the protests and go to the police. Show TRAs for what they really are. Having video evidence helps a lot.

I don't know that I couldn't restrain myself from kicking them in the balls.

Well you know that if that woman had approached and grabbed the arms of a TRA bystanders wouldn’t be going “hey hey, hey now…” they’d have beaten her to the ground.

One TRA is carrying a flag that says "radical trans liberation now!"

Liberation from what, exactly?

Liberation from them being incels I guess?

Entitled little shit bastards

Could we get a link? I'd like to watch the video.

Here you go! 💜🤍💚

also re the police reaction... atrocious but unsurprising. from Belstaffie: #LetWomenSpeak. @ gmpolice didn’t remove these men who were wearing balaclavas, and had linked themselves around the EP statue, but threatened to arrest a woman who had arrived early with a suffragette flag, for breaching the peace. That woman was very brave and stood her ground!

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Check out the 6-8 second mark on the video. The fucker fondles her breast! And they wonder why we call them rapists. Fucking creep sexually assaulted her with a cop not even 10 feet away.

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I never knew the colors of the hearts were for sufferage. I associate them with genderqueer or agender and I was so puzzled but who was on which side here.

Green stood for hope, white for purity, and purple/violet for loyalty and dignity. Together they also formed the acronym GWV - "Give Women Votes".

Yeah they're much older than we even are! The gender idiots appropriated them, basically.

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I guess it's not a US thing (I'm in the US) and supposedly the person who came up with the agender stuff didn't realize the connection... and to be fair a lot of countries have flags that share the same color so it's not like colors are exclusive property. But UGH I have such a visceral reaction to those colors now.

Target had a buzz lightyear dress in the girls' section that I saw when I was shopping with my youngest and I saw it and I was like "omg seriously? They're pushing this on kids now???" and my kid was like "What, Buzz Lightyear?"

I felt like such a dolt. (I know they've got kids stuff in the pride section but I was surprised to see this in the regular girls' section... which they might not even call girls' any more, I don't know)


I wonder if I put a sufferage flag on my car how many people would get it? I am trying to think of of something subversive to put in place of the HRC magnet I have removed.