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Shero 👍

Also why do they insist that terfs are always trying to take away “trans rights”? Uh no one wants to stop them from voting or getting married or holding a job or being treated fairly in housing and justice? What “rights” are being taken away? Are they talking about just being able to steal womens sports and watch us in locker rooms???? Those aren’t rights!

The right to be the “women” in quotas, the right to be in women-only spaces, the right to perform intimate medical procedures on women and deny care to any women who refuse TIMs access to their bodies, the right to use women’s showers and change rooms and expel any women who object to nude men being around them or their daughters, the right to be given women on a platter in prison ... these are the “rights” they have been given and they want more.

Because OneStarWolf, they and stonewall have decided to reject our reality and substitute their own. and they are going to throw their toys out the pram until everyone rolls over and gives in, but it will never be enough and they will demand more and more until we say no.

Yeh this is why I think it would be interesting to changing the tact to ‘protect trans rights under the equality act for the right to not be discriminated based on belief!!’ Or something lol

Aaahhhh the doxing bullshit. What they're actually worried about are their future careers in banking if they were to get caught behaving like little shits to mummy, oh sorry, I mean women.

We see you, you middle class little brats.

If any other protest called for their protestors to take such action (covering their faces etc) the police would be having a word I am sure.

I used to do complaints for a living and the students in Bristol were the worst, entitled and even sometimes the dumbest people I would speak too. Genuinely don’t know how half of them made it to uni.

It's the Oxbridge reject uni and the city has a strong stoner/lazy sod culture.

It was particularly clear in this situation how much TRA activism is about getting back at mommy/all middle-aged female mommy standins for not being their 24/7 support...I don't even want to say 'human' or 'person', because middle-aged women aren't people to them. If we're not serving them, what good are we?

I think they should've written "protect REAL women" but other than that, good effort

Yes! Only after posting it here did discover I know who made the amendments! She is a terf-in-training. She's doing really well though. I think she was aiming for "natal women". She was furious when she saw the poster, which had been superglued to the wall.

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Oh my god how embarrassing for Bristol

Also love how they’re encouraging everyone to hide their identity and accuse “terfs” of doxing when that’s exactly what they do

"TERFs love doxing protestors"

That's right, we love nothing more than going around finding protestors and then doxing them. It's our second-favourite favourite hobby after cooking up snacks made from menstrual blood.

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Speak for yourself. My favorite hobby is shaming men for existing and then harvesting their delicious, salty tears.

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I would love to see these with a little more info. Such as men have not had the same socialization (crime stat similarity bw men vs tw), we all know about the physical side of things (but one is that most don’t ever have bottom surgery), generally stuff like that, maybe with a link or two (or keywords to look up) to get to more revealing sites.