Just seeing your drawing reminds me of how I crossed the street today because I saw a crowd of people wearing thigh-highs, chokers, and bright hair coming in my direction.

I didn't want to smell them ๐Ÿ’€

I hate that TRAs have ruined alternative fashion for me. I used to admire people for wearing alt clothing but now itโ€™s like a red flag for me. >:(

THIS. a bunch of furries dressed like this came to a local comic convention my town throws every year - and I can tell you that they were NOT there years prior. saw a male furry come out of a ladies bathroom, of course and I felt sick the rest of the day. I avoided these freaks like the plague and even refused to look at them and make a face bc I know a lot of them get off on our disgust. just grey rock the fuck out of them.

I was at a local restaurant and there were furries wearing their stuff while eating. There must have been a con nearby. But to see it in the wild was so jarring. My guy friend was like, "stop judging!" I said I'll judge all I want because I know the truth.

Wait they can eat with these hot as balls (and probably smelly as balls) costumes? I thought you had to take off at least the head lol

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No tip amount could be worth serving that table... Or cleaning up after them ๐Ÿ˜ฉ

nah, I doubt there was a con. I saw a couple in McDonalds too one time now that I think of it and there was no such con that middle of the week evening. they go to school like that now.

Ew. The same kind of people showed up to the restaurant where I was having my birthday lunch last year. My dad and I traded looks but were very careful to keep our eyes trained on our food. It was so creepy.

Imagine seeing a bunch of people acting out their fetish while with your family ๐Ÿคฎ shameless

IKR? Dad and I were both creeped out when we left. I'm pretty sure we won't be going down Grand Ave. anytime soon.