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sex is not real (but we need to force steroids, hormonal imbalances, puberty blockers, and/or mutilation on children incapable of consent to attempt to get them to pass as the other sex)

Well done. Excellent, but horrifying point...the gender identity lobby is out there now trying to insist that binary sex is not real/ not important/ no longer relevant/ real, but not nearly as important as gender identity (take your pick...the lobby's takedown of binary, biological sex changes every week), BUT, children and young people MUST have access to gender affirmative care...to breast binders that mess up their spines...to untested puberty blockers that mess up their...puberty...to surgeries that mess up or whack off their breasts, penises, or testicals...to untested cross-sex hormones that may cause early onset heart disease, osteoporosis, infertility, and sexual dysfunction...in order to "transition" to the opposite sex.


Absolutely fucking insane...why aren't people protesting this evil madness from the rooftops? And, that includes me?


I'm never going to stop saying that, no matter what they call me.

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I shouldn't have to be called transphobic for trying to run a discord server for lesbians. (The actual kind of lesbian, the one where both are women) The amount of death threats and hatemail I received was a nightmare.

"I have no interest in trans issues, nor am I well equipped to provide an optimal community for them. This is okay, because there are plenty of spaces highly inclusive to trans here on discord! But there's plenty of women here who have dick trauma or are trying to discover their sexuality instead of their gender; and I wanted to make a sex-positive community for them because I believe in helping them with that."

That was more or less my exact opening message. Yet, people who look like Joe Rogan will demand entry. Trans people will still demand entry. There are thousands of suitable, perfectly fantastic servers all along the street and I wanted one single place to focus on a specific group of people I belong to.

That is not acceptable, however. We had voice and ID verification. That was apparently highly transphobic. It's transphobic to not want mens voices in voice chats with women who had to deal with rape trauma and support and rediscovering that it's ok to be sexy.

It's not okay that they want to flirt and see nudes without a dick, or to be messaged and ask if they want girlcock. How dare we?

Omg that’s awful. Why do they need to be included in EVERYTHING. They really don’t give a shit about women/womens trauma….their entitled asses must be included or their ego will be hurt.

I would definitely like joining a server with no trans or non-binary people tbh…I’m so scared to speak about things in servers with them and I’m always censoring my language. I hate it.

I ran away eventually. The death threats might have been too much. I couldn't even stand strong on my principles of not letting X or Y people in because some admins just felt Z or Q way about it.

Slippery slope. You let a few bi girls in and suddenly they have a big issue with "man hate" (someone literally only said that they smell and therefore are not respectable. That's literally all. It was a huge thing.)

Their exact words were "How are we better than them if we're being bigoted?"

Lol. Because women don't go out and kill men off of principles. Difference between punching up and punching down, etc.

Drama. Drama all the time. Hate and rama. It was worth it for the few women who really appreciated, only one single space they could call home.

Maybe 30 or 40 of them who deeply felt it was the only place left for them.

and I abandoned them just because I couldn't take it. :/ Last I heard the admins were doing great though..

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Sex is not real, BUT, transwomen ARE women, damn it....the word "women" being an umbrella term for men claiming to be women...and, no I can't define the word "women"...it's up to all men claiming to be women to define the word "women" on an individual basis.........

And, Sex is not real, menstruators, bodies with vaginas, bleeders, cervix-havers....don't you DARE call yourselves "women." That's HATEFUL...that's TRANSPHOBIC...that's not being inclusive 🤮 and kind to male-identifying females, a tiny % of the female population who've rejected womanhood, and insist that you adopt atomizing, dehumanizing labels based on female reproductive anatomy, processes, and fluids to describe yourselves.

And, hey, you there...you cervix-haver! Stop referring to your nether bits as a vagina...stop that. That's a "front hole" (sic)...the word "vagina" may now only be used when referring to the inverted penis of a female-identifying man...except, cervix-haver, when you'd like to call yourself a vagina-owner...that's okay, too. But, don't get it into your head to then call your vagina a "vagina," vagina-owner. THAT would be transphobic.

Alice in Wonderland/ Through the Looking Glass lunacy...it's all meant to mess up our minds, my fellow women, bodies with vaginas, bleeders...whatever.

Also, we try to imitate women in everything they do, we want to literally take their skin like buffalo bill and parade around in it! But at the same time... Boobs and vaginas are not female or womanly!!!!!! Penises are female!!! But yes men who want to be women, uh, i mean, were always women, they need surgery and pills to give them boobs and vaginas... Otherwise they'll kill themselves!!! But again, if you even DARE say that vaginas are female we will rape and kill you!!!!

Image Transcription: Venn Diagrams

[On the left, three overlapping circles, one labelled 'gays', one labelled 'lesbians' and one labelled 'bisexuals'.]

gays: exclusive same sex attraction to men

  • overlap with lesbians: exclusive same sex attraction

  • overlap with bisexuals: same sex attraction to men (bi men)

lesbians: exclusive same sex attraction to women

  • overlap with gays: exclusive same sex attraction

  • overlap with bisexuals: same sex attraction to women (bi women)


  • overlap with lesbians: same sex attraction to women (bi women)

  • overlap with gays: same sex attraction to men (bi men)

[The triangle where gays, lesbians and bisexuals all intersect contains 'same sex attraction'.]

[On the right, one circle, labelled 'trans people'.]

trans people: sex is not real

Trans ideology is fundamentally incompatible with both gay rights and feminism for this reason. The thing is, we were around first. They came up with something diametrically opposed to us, that's not based in reality, and now want to whine about how mean we are for being against them.

Crazy how we died and got stoned to death for thousands of years to taste what it is like to BEGIN to be heard, only for our pleas for equality and freedom and proper recognition to be trampled by clowns, and now? We only look like a circus; because of the clowns we keep.