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After about two months of showing my leg hair (finally it's short leggings season!) I looked at my legs today when taking my shoes off and realised I no longer considered my leg hair bushy and obvious or too much. It looked so normal and not much really. And that's despite having dark hair on very pale skin. It was a good realisation ☺️

That is awesome to hear! I had a similar experience. It took some time to overcome all the years and years of brainwashing but lately I have genuinely started becoming super comfortable with my body hair. I feel so sad thinking about old me who was constantly stressed about missing a spot while shaving. Never again lol.

Oh, I'm happy for you ☺️ it is a hard thought habit to escape, especially as it is constantly reinforced through things like advertisements and models.

Yeah, I also grieve a bit for old me who knee it was nonsense but couldn't fight against the pressure. Especially when thinking about the stubborn teenager me who absolutely didn't want to shave, but was eventually stashed away in favor of social pressure :( but, we have found our way back/out, and I think that's worth celebrating. Congratulations to you and me 🎉🥂

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DAE have tons of body hair as a kid, though? No hormone imbalance, no precocious puberty, just Mediterranean genetics lol.

Lol I am hairy too. Hmm... from what I can remember, I had some body hair as a child but it definitely increased when puberty hit. Correct me if I am wrong but I am guessing your hair is dark-coloured like mine which is probably a big factor why it looked prominent even at a young age. Hair colour makes a huge difference in appearance. Like even the difference between black hair and dark brown hair is a lot.

I did... everyone around me made notice about my long arm hair. Not even Mediterranean genetics, regular white.

Yup, those Greek genetics coming in strong. Hairy arms as long as I can remember, hint of a mustache in my fifth grade yearbook photo. My mom used to use those abrasive hair removal pads on my lower back as young as five years old (for some reason…).

I’ve embraced my natural body for for the last five years or so, but I still haven’t had the courage to wear clothes that expose my legs or armpits. I totally admire all you ladies who do though :))

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Body hair is a human characteristic. It is the dividing characteristic between a human being and a doll.

This reminds me of a post on reddit where a mom posted a picture of a drawing her young child drew of her while she was getting dressed with the caption something like: "Thanks for my 4 year old reminding me I need to shave lol". It was a basic stick drawing and the kid scribbled a big triangle in the crotch bc of course her mom is an adult with pubic hair. But what I couldn't get out of my mind (even if the caption was just a joke) is why she thinks she needs to shave her pubic hair off so that her crotch more closely resembles her 4 year old's. So like, the next time her child sees her naked she wants to be sure the kid has an unobstructed view of her vulva?? Idk, society needs to get over pressuring adult women to shave their crotches to look like babies. It really is some peddo-lite shit.

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Why was the 4-year-old seeing her naked? IDK seems kinda weird to me.

Yeah the pubic hair thing is especially creepy. I just feel disturbed by how quickly the hairless expectation in that area became popularized.

I used to have a reoccurring monthly waxing appointment for my pubic hair. Hated it. Pure torture and half of the time I did it in winter and while single. I was literally going through that pain and dropping cash on something only I'd ever know about.

That's how conditioned women are. Plucking, waxing, and shaving parts of our body that nobody but us even sees. Behaving myself like God would smite me down if I had a stray pubic hair. Going through the pain of ingrown hairs and scratching myself until I drew blood. There were nights I couldn't sleep because it itched so much. When I realized how ridiculous that was, I couldn't believe I'd fallen for it in the first place.

I don't care if this is TMI. I haven't waxed or shaved my public area in well over a year, and that's how I'm gonna keep it. I am comfortable with my bush.

If it makes you feel more ok about your decision: I've never shaved or waxed my pubic area.

Me, too. Been all natural since puberty.

Me as well. I grew up in the 60s and 70s, when having really big bushy pubes was considered especially sexy. And I suppose I’m conditioned to feel that way. In fact I’m privately sad that now that I’m post menopausal, most of my pubic hair has disappeared.

I appreciate this.

I am a hairy woman in a culture that demands hairless women, and so I have always felt like a faulty woman. It's been a life long problem for me. When I was 61, and my then husband announced he was "a woman in a man's body," he was fixated on depilation, declaring that "Women are smooth," which, because of my lifelong shame about my own hair making me less feminine/a faulty woman, hit me particularly hard.

I am a hairy woman in a culture that demands hairless women, and so I have always felt like a faulty woman.

I feel this so much. Seriously this hair removal stuff is just a type of bullying but hardly anyone besides radfems seems to recognize it as such. We are not the ones who are "faulty". The people who say those mean things and pressure and bully us to change our perfectly healthy bodies are the ones at fault. Sending you hugs.

My female partner has been mistaken as male most of her life, despite breasts that are large enough to inconvenience her in the heat, and while running, etc.

I consider it one of the crowning achievements of our (2.5 year, lesbian) relationship that she has now stopped removing body hair everywhere, including her mo'.

She can't stop removing those random beard hairs that grow on her neck because they are just too itchy for her to deal with. But I am still rocking my handful of chin and neck hairs. I assume there will only be more of them as I age (35 now) so I may as well embrace early.

Sorry for the horrible experience with your then husband <3

It's actually at least three dividers. Adult/child, male/Female, and separating ethnic/racial polymorphia.

Adult/child is self-explanatory.

Male/Female because in absolutely no culture on earth will men's pattern of body hair be confusable with Women's—probably not even way out at the tails of the distributions. (You could MAYBE find a vanishingly tiny amount of overlap way beyond the tails of the normal distributions—i.e., in the region inhabited by exceptional outliers, such as people with chronic disorders that strongly affect their adrenal or pituitary hormone levels.)

Also.. Look so I hate to be THAT girl, but, it's pretty clear that, if the prototypical average adult male and Female from whatever sociocultural-geographic group X were to forgo all shaving/trimming/other grooming of non-head hair, the male will definitely have more than 2N amount of hair in total if the Female has N. Unless that's somehow false—which is literally unimaginable to me (i mean, just look at the sheer area of the torso, plus the nearly complete lack of any natural hair cover whatsoever on the Female torso)—then, contra the rhetoric in the tweet, this means that there is a MORE pronounced difference between adult males and Females in this dept (which is greater than 2N – N, so in other words definitely greater than N) than between adult Females and children (N – 0 = exactly N).

And that's an unnecessarily conservative statement, because platonizing children to have 0 total body hair overestimates the latter, smaller, difference. In actual reality, the male/Female difference will predominate by an even larger factor.

Srry original tweeter, though I'll give you almost enough originality points to recoup the full value of the problem.

Lastly, racial polymorphia.[§]
To [over]simplify, ethnic groups—or, in a very small number of cases involving schism+diaspora, "ethno-geographic" groups—boast identifiable hair distributions (within a standard error, like everything else in anthropology).

I am predominantly a Pacific Islander. PI's are the least hirsute class of human ethnicities on earth, hands down. (The only interesting battle is for second-to-last place, which I think is taken by the peoples of SE Asia—where the impressive variety of grooming and cleaning products in stores includes NO "Women's" razors or shaving creams, just as is true throughout the Pacific islands. Minus Hawaii, where the long arm of Unilever, Gillette, and other Capitalist MNC's Living In YOUR Bathroom! extends in full.)

I mention this lest ye all banish me back to a non-radfem astral plane! 🧖🏻‍♀️
I can see the side-eyes all the way from here, gallivanting through town as I do with absolutely NO visible hair on any of my 3.5 limbs—which are still covered by vellus hair, of essentially the same texture and thickness as it was before and all through the pubertal timeline. I have smatterings of pubic and armpit hair, but even those are such weak showings that 'shaving' them would comprise little beyond theater and pretense.
(I apologize for the technical term, but, the Grown-Ass Woman's™ Body that I've had since a decidedly pre-grown-ass age is here to assure everyone that we're not just looking at a case of extreme late-blooming.)

I SEE the rest of you 👀 in this thread, joyously chanting your newfound aspect of sisterhood. "When I Make Herstory, I'll Be Wearing Hirsute!" intones literally fucking everybody except lipsy, who Can't Sit With [You] and who broods morosely at a table all her own.
Don't @ me guuuurlsss! I didn't do it! I came from the factory like this!

But yeah, ethnicity modulates hair growth a LOT.

(Fun fact: Into the present, the SE Asian grandmothers' grapevine continues to promulgate the stereotypes of Anglo- and/or Irish-descended White people as "soooo hairy!" and "smell like milk!" 😂
These ideas are literal universals in those populations. Every such grandmother or contemporary Woman I know from SE Asia will spit them out immediately if queried; their grandchildren roast them for it; "like milk" dutifully pops up in properly formulated google search suggestions; and searches using non-leading questions will overwhelmingly produce these as head answers.

What makes this kinda wild is that I've never heard a Samoan, Tongan, Māori, etc person EVER produce "These White people are basically just walking dairy products" when prompted, not even with multiple increasingly weighty hints—a curious finding, given that dairy is a relative rarity in PI cuisine as in Thai/Cambodian/Vietnamese cuisine.
Srsly, I gots nothin' here. Maybe the original post-WW2 bumper crops of White tourists to Thailand gorged themselves THAT much on the admittedly impressive variety of ice-cream products offered at the thousands (ob2022: tens of thousands) of convenience stores founded by other members of the same group.

[§]: "polymorphia"/"polymorphic": a word I formed on the spot, trusting that it's like "dimorphic/dimorphia" but for when there are more than 2 modal groups. If—like pointful—this is actually a non-word despite the clear need for such a word, please let me know.)

Ha, I’m very pro-non-shaving, but this made me laugh! You’re a good writer. Although there are Irish/Anglo women like me who also, pubes aside, lack substantial body hair on legs etc. I stopped shaving my legs during the pandemic and no one has seemed to notice. I want to say to those from “hairy” ethnicities that I have always liked secondary body hair on both men and women — probably because of exactly that — it reads as adult to me.

Facts. Shaving is a vicious cycle because it makes body hair worse feeling, too. :(

It doesn't take all that long to break the cycle. As the shaved hairs fall out and are replaced by hairs that have never been shaven, it loses the "sharp" edges of the hair and becomes a lot softer. A few weeks of discomfort is well worth the freedom of never having to shave for the rest of your life!

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I second this. At first, I disliked my long leg hair, but after a little while, it became really soft. I love my leg hair now, lol.

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body hair should be a dividing characteristic between adult and child

not between man and woman

It's the defining line between prepubescent and postpubescent.

Postpubescent minors are still children when it comes to statutory rape laws so it's important to make this distinction.

Oh yeah, of course. Which makes the whole thing creepier cos no public hair is only something very young children have. And these people want adult women to have this look now :(

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