So many thoughts!

  • Could they determine/confirm a kind of birth control effect for certain couples if they knew more about this?
  • Does compatibility develop over time, or is it fixed?
  • Does the egg respond differently depending on how well known the partner's sperm is? (If it's the egg releasing the chemicals, this seems unlikely. Still curious though).
  • What were the ethics of this study - there to be an ethical consideration of experimentally creating embryos with the sperm of different partners.
  • How does this link up with hormonal attraction?
  • Are the pregnancies of compatible sperm and eggs better/easier on the mother?
  • Is this a genetic-proximity thing? (ie does it select for a certain genetic difference, or ... what's the basis of this?)
  • Do certain people's eggs have sex preferences in the sperm?

So many thoughts and questions.

Really great questions! This is such a fascinating discovery!

That's interesting! I've always been presented with the idea that the egg is just passive and the sperm does all the work.