Michelle Wong, a cosmetic chemist (PhD), exposes the lies, hypocrisy, and harm clean beauty brands are perpetuating.

Edit: Her YouTube videos cover the chemistry regarding sunscreen, shampoo, conditioner, etc... Have a look at her other videos if these topics interest you.

There’s also a myth that mineral sunscreens only reflect suns rays. They only reflect 5% of suns rays, they absorb the other 95% just like chemical sunscreen.

There’s a myth they have greater UVA protection, also not true. They can cover a longer length of UVA range, that doesn’t mean they offer a higher level of protection at each strange of the UVA range.

They are better for the environment; again much more complex when the research is examined. And that’s not including the newer chemical filters Europe uses.

Lots of myths around mineral sunscreens. And as someone super pale I find they have heavy white cast most of the time, which must make them un usable for much of the world. At least at the amount needed to get the level of protection.

Lab muffin is very good on science. As is kind of Stephen, his site is easy to find and the science well explained.

I never understood the fear-mongering about using chemical sunscreens. I only use chemical sunscreens.

Is Badger cleared?

That's my preferred sunblock, too, both because it's one of the few that doesn't trigger my kids' eczema and because it is reef-friendly.

Great minds. I also like that I don’t mind leaving it on my skin. Or more like if there’s a little bit of residue it’s more just like having used a lotion