We could use cybornetic implants to make the world a better place - imagine pilots with temporary enhanced vision, builders with temporary cybornetic strength... But no, sojirs

Yucky. I don't want to live in the future sometimes.

I'm gonna be so pissed if I have to die at the hands of a robot.

Yikes, what a thought. I think of all the stories I've heard about people signing up for the military because they're trying to get out of poverty and make a life for themselves, and then they will have to deal with the fallout and side effects of... Implants, I guess?

Military/transhumanism would be more appropriate flairs, but they don't exist. So I chose "General interest" instead. Because everyone should be interested!

Some points from the article:

The demand for cyborg-style capabilities will be driven in part by the civilian healthcare market, which will acclimate people to an industry fraught with ethical, legal and social challenges, according to Defense Department researchers.

Implementing the technology across the military, however, will likely run up against the dystopian narratives found in science fiction, among other issues, the researchers added.

Military leaders should also work to reverse the “negative cultural narratives of enhancement technologies.” It’s no secret that science fiction’s depiction of cyborg technologies revolves around dystopian futures. Transparency in how the military adopts this technology will help to alleviate concerns, while capitalizing on benefits, according to the study group.

So yeah, everytime you see a fanboy fanboying about technological body enhancement, it's because a cyborg army is under production!