Fucking dudes as soon as they get a tiny bit of power.

What the fuck is wrong with being a decent human?

Why does their dick take over their brains so easily?

What is so unattainable about not being an asshole?

sources requested anonymity out of fear of retribution so the sociopaths are running the show

Not expecting answers, the questions are eternal

Like the Stanford jail experiment shows. People say it's not relevant, only because it shows how males are inherently depraved creatures who only know how to destroy and abuse those who are underneath them in a structured hierarchy. Even the one who decided to stop the experiment after seeing what was happening was a woman, the researcher's wife. And those who do believe in the research findings, conclude that it is how people behave, not men. They don't want to do the same experiment with female participants because they know it would further prove male depravity and inclination to violence and destruction. When women do great things it's "people", when women do wrongs it's "women, when men do great things it's "men", when men do wrongs it's "people".