The only thing that’s new here is the 24/7 coverage but this has been going on forever.

The world is flat and if you say differently you’ll be beheaded! The sun revolves around the earth ! If you don’t agree you’re a heretic !Smoking is good for you, prescribed by docs!

Science has always been political. Follow the funding . (Remember the fat free carb loading craze of the 90s?)

I’m no scientist, but I remember learning that in scientific research there’s no such thing as “scientifically proved”. If there’s enough evidence to back the theory, then it’s widely accepted. But nothing is ever “proved”.

Of course if your work isn’t published in an accredited “peer reviewed “ journal - and you don’t get funding from the right sources, you’re pretty much labeled a quack or conspiracy theorist.

Everything has an agenda. And some lobby, mega corporation, govt etc stands to gain something from “consensus “.

From which diseases are deemed worthy of study to which animals & lands are protected.

Facts are always political nowadays - just look at the gender woo “science “.

Very interesting reading about how things go from being called misinformation to being the consensus.