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this makes me want to fucking cry. Genuinely, I'm really upset by it. Research into how some differential gene expression in black people is affecting their vulnerability to Covid is getting dogpiled by woke morons on social media because it entails an explanation other than "racism"

What makes this even worse is that it's totally possible for differential gene expression to be caused by systemic racism!

Is this what's going to happen to research? Any medical research that could benefit racial minorities or women will be attacked and eventually censored because it acknowledges that biology exists? That Twitter link honestly terrifies me.

I cannot believe an actual doctor commented (of this research into BAME people's greater vulnerability to covid): "Why are you spending the time and money on these studies instead of spending the time and money on fighting racism?"

This is literally (actually literally, not transliterally) about saving black lives.

And it's not like you can't do both of those things. I get so frustrated with my fellow physicians when they by into this anti-science bullshit. Patients matter you idiots.

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We know for a fact that certain blood pressure meds tend to work better in certain groups. we know that certain diseases tend to be more common in certain races. Cystic fibrosis, sprue, and cicle cell, etc. We know women can present with different heart attack symptoms than men.

Even with food this can be the case. Whites are more likely to have gluten allergies. Asians are less likely to tolerate alchohol, people of color are more likely to be lactose intolerant etc.

10 years ago and before the complaint was that studies were only being done on young white males, and they were right!!! Do the wokerati even know what they want?

Do the wokerati even know what they want?

just seems like white guilt to me. The wokest people I know are also the most superficial, self absorbed, and grew up in suburban white towns.

So instead of taking this as a good thing that is genuinely trying to help people, they are shitting all over it???

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It's worse than that, many people are responding to the announcement of the study with the likes of "this is racism! fuck you!" (quote from a TIM, ofc)

I can only hope they don't go after the researchers. It looks like the kind of thing that could easily turn into a mobbing but it's from a few days ago so I hope it won't.

And I wonder if the researchers will be willing to do more research that focuses on black people. Maybe they will, maybe they are black themselves or otherwise care very passionately about this, enough to take risks with their career. But the woke always keep escalating, and if they keep escalating with this kind of thing, at some point people **will ** be afraid to do research into black people's health issues. I really hope I'm wrong and this is some kind of bizarro blip in the matrix.

Ugh. They throw 'racism' at EVERYTHING nowadays. It's awful, they should not be bandying it about so lightly. Not everything is racist, jfc. and even if it is, then examine and bring it to light, sure, but don't throw the baby out with the bathwater. Right now, I'd say all legit research into Covid is valuable, and it upsets me that this might be derailed over these accusations.

And yeah, you are right... the 'Woke' are NEVER satisfied. Nothing anyone does is every good enough. They live in a state of perpetual outrage that the world and everyone around them is not 100% perfect by there ever-shifting and impossible standards.

The comments are an absolute shitshow. tl;dr: They're not only science deniers, they're the actual racists here.

If race and sex aren't biological, then - for example - how can some decomposed bodies be partially identified as belonging to a particular age, sex, and racial group? If those identifications weren't made, how much harder would it be to try to identify the dead further? "The decedent is likely to be an African-American female between 15-25 years old, but it's bigoted to say race or sex are biological, so let's assume this could also be a 60-year-old white man"

I also don't get how "race is a social construct" isn't racist in itself. The social constructs are around seeing particular races as inferior or superior. These commenters seem to be fighting with their own internalised racism and trying to blame it on others for acknowledging race exists, rather than on themselves for believing that some races are inferior to others.

Race is part biological, part social construct. For example, Italians and Irish weren't considered white in the US. Someone might be considered Latino in the US and white in Brazil. Coloured people in South Africa are considered black in the US. Also, Africa has the biggest genetic diversity on the planet, lumping them together as black doesn't make much sense unless we're talking about the social treatment they receive in the US for example. But in Nigeria for example, it matters greatly which tribe you're from and members of some tribes are discriminated against. Also, I can always tell an Ethiopian from a Senegalese, they look very, very different, their cultures and history are very different but if they're both in the US, they're considered just black.

Yup. People from Middle East and north India are considered caucasians scientifically but would never be considered white in the US. In fact there was a court case about this back in the early 20th century.

It's like people seriously think all humans must be the same or there can be no equality which is depressing. Shouldn't people have rights regardless of their differences, isn't that supposed to be the idea here? Instead of "you don't need to be a certain type of person to have a voice in society" it's "we are all the same type of person and that's why we all get to have a voice in society". Like, the ideal is for everyone to be the same and that's why we need to "deconstruct" all the differences so we can all just be one big gray mass of clones. Can we deconstruct the idea of labeling our biological differences as superior and inferior instead?

They're so "colorblind" acknowledging genetic difference is racism 🥴

As if that wasn't bullshit enough, this study isn't even about "genetic difference" in the sense we usually mean it, it's about epigenetics. Your gene expression changes all the time, it changes depending on whether you're listening to music, it definitely changes if you're subjected to structural racism. This study doesn't even contradict the assumption that 100% of the racial difference in Covid mortality is caused by racism.

Okay I know they don't know that. But I have a horrible feeling that even if they did they'd demand that the researchers riot and burn down buildings instead of doing research into gene expresssion, because they should be attacking racism and not its effects, and burning down buildings is the way you solve racism.

Aren’t some of the morons condemning them would be doctors though?

This is fucking depressing. I hate how anti-science the left has become.

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Good public health policy requires good science - and there is useful and interesting work being done on the differences in health/disease across population groups.

In terms of Covid we know that diabetes and high BP are factors, and in the UK (likely elsewhere too) these manifest differently in Black, Asian and White populations. The diabetes one is interesting as some research suggests that there is actually a different mechanism to the insulin resistance in Blacks vs Asians & Whites and other genetic differences in Whites and Asians


Vitamin D, also interesting and relevant to immune function - not just darker skin makes less - but possibly different calcium metabolism in pple of African origin (skin colour is all about our bones) and eg studies showing that even with low blood serum of vit D in African Americans, there is not the same loss of bone density as there is in Whites and Asians.


Then there's the stuff about ACE2, bradykinin, this nasal gene expression study, and more - all worth looking into

PS u/risingup I've flaired your post as medicine

PPS everyone please "NOTE: Medicine – any medical topic (including covid19) needs to be based on scientific principles, and primarily about the science, not the politics."