Female doctors talk to you like you’re another intelligent, knowledgeable person. Male doctors talk to you like you’re an excitable toddler. I literally had a male doctor imply I had come to the ER to “take a break” from parenting.

This is common. Even as a fellow physician I get talked down to. Like bro I know what menopause is, and I know what my menopause Ulis, and this is not that, it's strep throat you dolt I even swabbed myself to prove it. 🙄

While some research finds that hospitalized female patients may fare better if they are treated by women, patients should not choose a doctor or refuse care based solely on gender.


Ridiculous. You want the doc with the best outcomes, pure and simple. If the men can't keep up they can go do something else. They're good at pushing paper around.

I think it means in an emergency (like in an ER) you take what doc is available regardless.

I think it means it's foolish to select a doctor on a single trait, even if it is statistically associated with better outcomes.

I currently have the best dentist i could imagine, whom i selected on the basis of great reviews, and he happens to be male. The last time I saw him he asked how i was doing and although i didn't want to talk about it he could tell i was depressed (by the way the pandemic is affecting my life). He called me later to make sure I was ok and that there wasn't some way he could help. It's not just that he's nice. He's also demonstrated more competence than any other dentist I've seen.

Doesn't mean all men are saints. Also doesn't mean any random female dentist would be that good or better. Means he is a good dentist and I'd be foolish to refuse to see him just because he's male.

I go out of my way to find female doctors, dentists, etc. after years of being treated like shit, misdiagnosed, and not believed by males in those professions. So far it's worked out wonderfully. My new female dentist is the most attentive dentist I've ever had, and she performs procedures like a true artist, including fixing what previous male dentists had done in a rush. When I started having "lady problems" I was seen by about 3-4 male doctors who did literally nothing before finally getting a female gyno who listened and figured out what was wrong almost immediately. I'm never going back, I love women professionals.

From personal experience - female doctors send to spend more time and explore differential diagnoses, they’re also far less likely to be sued or have their licence revoked. Male doctors tend to make decisions faster but make more mistakes.

We seem ime to be more likely to admit when something doesn't make sense or is difficult to assess, and look things up and keep up on our continuing education. At conferences (I miss those) you would see men socializing more and women actually doing all the reading and prep and asking pertinent questions in the sessions.

I've had old men as patients who didn't want to see a woman but I was the only one around (urgent care/walkh8n clinic). I remember one guy was super pissed that he had to see me for whatever it was, I'll say gallstones to keep it simple.

Then I saw him, diagnosed him, sent him to emerg where he got another female doctor who was able to expedite an ultrasound and get him in to see the surgeon on call, another woman, who cut him and cured him.

He ended up writing a letter to the clinic and the hospital stating he would only see female doctors after that.

Idk I just like that story.

I like that the numbers bear out what I witness on a regular basis too.

Women are the original healers. No fathers of medicine, only mothers!