"Once again, if you’re going to propose doing something as radical as shutting down steroid hormone synthesis in children, you’d better have damned good evidence to justify it,"

People were still sane in 2006...

I like the term "shutting down steroid hormone synthesis" though, "puberty blockers" is too tame a phrase. People don't realize Lupron is a hormone, seeing as I see all the time it stated trans kids don't get hormones, just puberty blockers! Because to them estrogen and testosterone are the only 2 hormones that exist....

Always had this feeling about the "trans the autism away" and here is the proof.

Except the poor kids are still autistic but now mutilated and traumatic top of it.

I found this article by random luck, and I can't believe what I read. These "doctors" were using Lupton to treat autism based on the unproven theory that autistic children had too much testosterone, and testosterone prevented their chelation therapy (more quack medicine) from being effective. So the shot autistic kids up with Lupton on top of chelation treatments. All I could think was there could be some connection to this therapy and the high numbers of autistic kids transing. This is so insane, I had to share.

That’s insane because it ought to have been observably false! Autistic girls (without relevant comorbidities) mature into healthy Autistic women. Excess testosterone would have had visible effects on physical development.

My bet is this was geared more at lower functioning autistic boys who can be more aggressive and less able to keep masturbation private.

I read sites like this for years, and if there's one thing I learned, it's that some people will stop at nothing to torture an autistic child for not being normal. Pretty sure there was a fad for giving the kids bleach at one point.

Yes, Miracle Medical Solution. The DOJ is prosecuting a family that was promoting it as a covid cure. People are still promoting it for autism. It is beyond sick.

IIRC weren't they bleach enemas?

What a great way to chemically burn your intestines.

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Chilling. Next will we hear how puberty blockers "cures" homosexuality by preventing sexual development? It's all so creepy and dystopian. This is the modern eugenics.

Orac/Gorski used to know his stuff. I devoured his blog on the daily. Now he's saying the exact same drugs are totally safe and okay for "trans" kids. Argh

I don't remember this one. I'm guessing it didn't have legs, fortunately. Or maybe the crackdown on chelation for autistics interrupted it. But that's ok, now we have trans stuff! /s