I just took a physics class and think my favorite topic was how electricity works.

I just took a physics class and think my favorite topic was how electricity works.


Pharmacology. Not talking about recreational drugs, really. I used to work in a pharmacology adjacent industry, and it's fascinating how drugs can make your body do things. Also kinda scary how unregulated they are once approved for marketing.

I have always found this subject interesting and kind of frightening as well! Well, maybe not frightening, but it is kind of discerning just how much drugs do effect our moods and behaviors.

Gravity. No one knows what it is or why it is. The word 'gravity' itself merely describes its effects.

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According to the general theory of relativity, which is pretty well accepted, gravity is the curvature of spacetime.

General relativity may need to be modified to reconcile it with quantum theory, in cases where gravity is extremely strong such as the interior of a black hole and the time right after the Big Bang. But it works very well for our everyday reality. It's used in the GPS.

When I was taking this Physics course, I thought Newton's laws was going to be so boring. I actually found it quite fascinating, along with electricity.

I love number theory above all else but not sure it counts as a scientific topic exactly. I love to study any subject through the lens of mathematical modeling.

I like the very theoretical stuff, quantum mechanics, relativity etc, but also scientific progress that benefits humankind and novel solutions to problems - like the flooded coal mines for geothermal energy.

Regenerative medicine and artificial intelligence, even if those things aren't my field of specialty. I watch youtube videos and read books for layman. Perhaps in the future, I can go back to school and do something along these lines.

Neuroscience, brain-related stuff, biology as it relates to thought/communication/relations, not just in humans. Like, the whole notion that trees in a forest communicate with each other. Living creatures, organisms, and their conscious/mental/orwhatever processes... how does that work? Sentience...