I’ve been wondering just lately — if the nonsense with trans-women entering women’s sports continues where the powers that be continue to ignore advantages gained via male puberty— whether eventually women athletes shouldn’t consider putting together some secret TERF or cis-Olympics...

I mean... otherwise, women athletes will be disincentivized to compete when some middle-aged mediocre man can put on a dress and makeup and sweep the medals and outstrip athletes who are in their prime... and I’m sure many people would cry, “foul” and claim that these (largely white old men) who transitioned later in life are being discriminated against were anyone bright enough (or had enough resources) to do this — but how long are we willing to watch women’s sports get destroyed by opportunistic men in drag? Some have made it abundantly obvious that the only reason why they now “identify” as a woman is simply because they get to squash all competition in women’s sports while competing against women with their male bodies. Not saying this is every trans person out there — but for a disturbing number of them — yea, the athletic shoe fits or doesn’t really or is roughly 15%-20% larger than the average size of their teammates?

What’s going on now is as absurd as fully able-bodied athletes somehow managing to petition to compete in the special Olympics and claiming to be marginalized if they aren’t accepted for doing something so profoundly dishonest.

This is an awesome resource!

Do we know of any TiFs that we’re competitive enough to compete in the male category on the olympics or at a high level sport? It’s also a good argument when we see TiMs dominating but not the reverse

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People need to stop thinking that separating things based on biological attributes is discriminatory. Its ridiculous. Trans people are different than us, even though they so badly want to say they aren't. Make a new "trans" or "queer" scoreboard, I don't care. But stop trying to take over another women's space. Jesus Christ. Same with the bathroom shit.

I feel like its only a matter of time before all women's sports are dominated by TIMs. We really are losing all our rights and spaces to them.

Once all women's sports are dominated by men, which I agree is inevitable, that will be the turning point IMO of average folk having more courage to speak out. One swimmer dominating isn't enough. When the top ten "women's" swimmers are all men, I think there will be a huge shift in the willingness of the public to play along with this delusion.

That is my fear as well, that women's sports will be dominated by men.

It’s mean,” one Penn parent who identifies as a progressive but opposes Thomas’s eligibility says of the online and media bigotry directed at her. “Lia is a human being who deserves to be treated with respect and dignity. But it’s not transphobic to say I disagree with where she’s swimming.”

That argument is disingenuous to Thomas. There is no such thing as half-support: Either you back her fully as a woman or you don’t. “The very simple answer is that I’m not a man,” she says. “I’m a woman, so I belong on the women’s team. Trans people deserve that same respect every other athlete gets.”

Half-support. Give me a break. I give no support to men in women’s sports..

Btw, I just saw an Adidas commercial on NFLNetwork of all places with TW in flowing dresses/caftans to support TW in women's sports. Oh, is no place sacred anymore?.

TIM in women’s sport is about inclusion. Women’s sport is seen as a hobby No point having an argument about known facts that males and females have different bodies; power, height & strength