What's so hard about creating Trans leagues? Women have always had to create their own organisations, ALWAYS. Regardless of the industry. We have fought to be accepted and treated with FAIRNESS. We carved our own lanes. Regardless of the culture or era. Males demanding to be let into Women’s sports is counter to all the work that has been put in by women and their supporters for decades! How people refuse to see that Trans is a reactionary movement (yes in the PoliSci sense, TRA lurkers, you are reactionaries.) is beyond me.

I love athletics. Hopefully, Lord Coe stays as President of World Athletics for along as possible and funds enough research into this so my favourite sport isn’t decimated by pathetic, wealthy, immoral males and their greedy backers. TRAs love to scream about how black women are going to be unduly affected by anti-trans (Antidoping) Regulations in international and local sports. But if the 100 metres final for women was just a crew of white males, with long hair who are too slow to qualify for the male team. (Like Mr Thomas) Which ethnicity of women and girls (females) will be most affected? Many black women have been able to lift their families and themselves out of impoverishment through the sponsorships that come with winning competitions. What happens to future generations of women from poverty-stricken sprint nations if males are allowed to compete, or marathoners? What happens to funding for women’s sports in those nations that withdraw funding for females?

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Trans movement isn't about gaining equality and creating safe spaces where they can be who they are, the trans movement focuses on pillaging everything around them and patching it up to themselves. This is why they wont create their own spaces, they want to invade other groups spaces even if it causes discomfort and chaos, even still when it also causes harm to vulnerable populations.

I think either a typo or misquote here:

“We often hear people say, well, trans women aren't women, therefore it's ok”

I think what she meant was, trans women aren’t winning, therefore it’s ok.