I LOVE this rule: "If players do not disclose their sex as registered at birth, they will be assumed to be male, on the grounds of safety."

Some dummy wrote this:

They will be wondering why no trans women play sports in a few years. I haven’t played sports for a few years now, even though I want to. Seeing so many sport basically say that I’m not welcome to play is heartbreaking.

I can say, without equivocating, men do not belong in women’s sports and it will make my own heart happy if I never read about one more man stealing a women’s place in sports.

Lol I don’t give a fuck if TIMs stop playing sports, why would I? If they can’t handle being in the male category, then they’ve excluded themselves. It’s not on women to cater to them.

Right? Is that supposed to be a threat? “If you don’t let us play with the women, we’re not going to play at all!” 👋 🤣

More like, "If you don't let us have a chance to spike a ball to hit women directly in the head, resulting in her suffering concussion and long term neck and head injuries, we're not going to play at all!"

Right on, angry potato. Maybe his threat will work on virtue signaling handmaidens and woke bros, but they aren't entitled to cheat.

Yeah I laughed at that too.

No, nobody gives a shit if some incels stop playing sports. 😆

They kind of have to stop playing sports so they’ll gain enough weight to create a basis for a neck beard. 🤣

But delicate 6'4 220 lb Petal has the right to beat up women on the sports field!

But it won't really matter, right? There are so few TiM athletes that it's not worth getting upset that they can't play on women's teams.

Just like like there are so few TiM athletes that it doesn't matter if female competitors get serious injuries, are flashed and leered at in the locker room, or miss out on scholarships and recognition.

Men can’t be trusted with sports anyway. I wholeheartedly support ending men’s sport. They give each other concussions and beat their wives and that’s just the top of the iceberg with the whole racket.

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I linked to a gendy whining about it because it was funny and the first thing I saw but please don't harrass or contact her.

The organisation sent a form in response to submit feedback, if you have the time to send some support and are interested, please send some polite, enthusiastic messages about how you're excited to play in the catergory/will tell your relatives about it and that it's safer and more supportive to you in this environment. Thanks gyns

Response form. forms.office.com/r/rnLwCNhM4F

I sent in a supportive response describing how women I knew started suffering much more severe injuries once males were permitted into their "women's" league.

The comments are ridiculous. These men have zero compunction about stealing from women. They are so entitled and oblivious.

The person who tweeted, and those commented in agreement with her, offer a clear window into the upside world of gender identity ideologues

Hahahaha! "This was so quiet." "They linked to evil women who want sports for women, they want trans people DEADDDD!!!!!“