I really hope more men, and specifically, more male athletes, start speaking out against this. They don't listen to us. Maybe they'll listen to them.

And Farve's comments were good, showing no "transphobia" & also expressing empathy for the women who have to compete against Hubbard:

"It's not fair for a man, even if this person wants to be a woman or feels compelled, if you want to become the opposite sex, that's fine, I got no problem with it," Favre said. "But you can't compete against, males can not compete against females."

"If I was a true female - I can't believe I'm saying that - and I was competing in weightlifting and lost to this person, I would be beside myself," he later added.

You're thinking like a sane person. TRAs would absolutely think he's "transphobic" for calling a spade a spade (calling a man male).

Thankfully Brett Farve is male himself so TRAs aren't interested in sending him rape threats or trying to get him fired lol, they only attack women it seems

Probably because Brett Favre doesn't want to send dick pics to 'women' who could send one back...

Joe Rogan talks about it all the time too. He doesn't say a hell of a lot that I agree with, but he's spot on when it comes to certain issues. This is one of them.

[–] Livin 11 points Edited

Wow, that really encouraging!! Brett Farve is a significant celebrity and professional athlete. He's considered one of the best quarterbacks in the NFL! His words will definitely hold more weight! He's also immensely popular and respected among a large demographic people in US; especially with men. It will be much harder for TRAs to cancel and harass him.

Oh man, that little reaction gif in the article showing Favre slow clapping Jenner is just (chef kiss)

Yes, I hope so too. This cannot just be an issue of women protecting their own boundaries and categories, men and male athletes need to keep their own check. What the Laurel Hubbards of the world and their enablers are doing is making a farce out of sport and fair play. Laurel Hubbard displacing a woman from the competition, or from the podium, is bad for everyone not just the women athletes who lose out.

The less we hear from the Judith Butler-addled pseudo intellectuals on this and the more we hear from ACTUAL SPORTSPEOPLE who inhabit the real world and know very well the differences in performance potential between men and women (like 95% of everyone else, but they can speak with more authority), the better.

Let's hope this is the start of a flood.

We can only hope. I see a lot of people talking about it online. I post about it on my Instagram, trying to peak people.

Serious question. If Laurel is legally a woman, can Laurel legally compete in men's sports?

[–] soundsituation 11 points Edited

According to the current IOC policy:

The declaration [of a female gender identity] cannot be changed, for sporting purposes, for a minimum of four years.

By the way, this is one of only two stipulations that must be met by men who wish to compete in women's sports*, the other being a demonstrated testosterone level of no more than 10 nmo/L for at least a year prior to competition. That 10 nmo/L figure is a joke, though, because the normal range for women is .12-1.8 (with an absolute ceiling around 2.4), and because 10 still falls within the normal range for men.

*At the Olympic level, which probably applies during world championships as well but afaik does not extend to any other levels of competition

Meh 0.12-1.8 with a max of 2.4 to account for women with SEVERE endocrinological imbalances is a hairs breadth from 10.

I mean really. It’s like me complaining about not being a millionaire when I’m only $980,000 short. I’m so close I can practically taste the caviar. /s

If it served him in some way, because as we know these people get to have their cake and eat it too, and there is no logic. the only rule is whatever serves them at any given moment is what they deserve

As much as I appreciate men for speaking up, it absolutely frustrates me that women are either ignored or attacked for doing the same, usually the first time around. I’ve seen some men tweet asking “where are the feminists?” and it’s like… WE HAVE BEEN TALKING FOR YEARS, and we’re dismissed as being overdramatic or violent transphobes. Or they blame us because it’s the choice feminists who enabled this bullshit and men can’t tell the difference. I’m so tired.

I appreciate male allies but goddamn. I have insanely huge amounts of respect for the older feminists and lesbians, I love you 💖

I’m only 30 and a coward because I’m not out irl, I’m trying to find the strength but it’s hard (especially on top of my personal circumstances and stupid life shit). But I’m trying.

Those men know we've been silenced. In fact they are often among those doing the silencing, at some point.

"Where are the feminists?" is never an honest question. It's a disingenuous taunt.

This is actually what peaks the world? You think?

Maybe? Sports aren't exactly the most important thing in this fight, but the outrageousness is immediately visible. It's harder to handwave away than abstract arguments about identity or anonymous female prisoners.

Of course I thought Rowling would be the turning point, so what do I know lol

I kinda hope that Hubbard gets a medal as it will peak very many normies.