And on SheWon.org, she IS listed as the First Place winner!

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There are a lot of women and girls listed on that site. That's so depressing.

And that is only the ones brought to my attention. I am sure there are many, many others. If you stumble across any I don't have, just send the info my way!

It was 1650yd (not 1500m) and she killed it!

1650yd is 1508m so it might be reported as 1500m in countries using metric for easier understanding of the discipline (our swimming pools are usually 50 or 100m long, don't know what's the competitive norm).

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There are three kinds of official competition pools:

LCM (long course meters, the "Olympic" pools. The lane is 50m long.)

SCY (short course yards, your typical YMCA/swim team pool in the US, most college pools. The lane is 25 yards long.)

SCM (short course meters, rarely seen in US, but more common in other countries. The lane is 25m long.)

It's important to be accurate about what the event is because we are talking about times and records -- separate records are kept for SCY, SCM, and LCM. You can't accurately compare times across different events, or yard times against meter times.

Also, the strategy for short course is very different than for long course. The 1650 is 66 lengths of a SCY pool, and the swimmer gets a tiny break, an explosive push off the wall, and the chance to travel underwater for a portion of the distance at every turn. In a long course 1500m, there are only 30 lengths of the pool, so half as many opportunities to get that boost. If you watch the Olympic 1500 you can see which swimmers are "turners" and which ones are "strokers" -- turners gain ground at the wall, and the strokers slowly run them down over the length of the lane.

This is what I've been saying magazines and papers with integrity should do. Publish the first, second and third place WOMEN in any competitions of this sort, making a distinction between those winners and the first, second and third place people the other papers are covering.

A similar thing should be happening with crime statistics. Record gender identity and biological sex.

What's the first place reward for winning that swimming contest? Can we raise money perhaps to give her the same amount? I'd be happy to donate a few bucks.