As someone who has dealt with depression and suicidal thoughts in the past, I am so fucking tired of this manipulative bullshit. Mental illness isn’t a person’s fault but it is their responsibility. Suicide is awful but it is a personal choice. It is not any other individual’s responsibility. It is not a sporting association’s responsibility. It is not society’s responsibility to restructure reality and provide constant asspats and validation for you. If you are so unstable that you will suicide if you aren’t allowed to dominate women’s sports, that is a clue that you should skip sports and seek intense psychotherapy.

Suicide baiting is so sick. No other group gets this kind of pandering. Severely mentally unwell people don’t even receive this kind of support. Now we all have to bend over backwards for delusional fetishists because maybe they’ll kill themselves. Except they mostly don’t because that would mean they could never get the constant stream of attention and adulation they are so desperate for.

I have dealt with depression too and never did I expect a whole group of people, or even one person, to bend their lives around my needs and never did I hold them responsible for suidical thoughts.

I'm in the same boat as you! The idea that other people can be responsible for a persons mental health is becoming so common, even outside of gender ID related topics, and it drives me up a wall! And of course, with the gender brigade the irony of all ironies is that in any other case they would label you as transphobic for calling it a mental illness. It's only a mental illness when they can use that to manipulate. Which undermines actual mental health discussions even further.

I totally agree. Life in the 21st century just keeps on getting more and more isolated, so it's very wrong but not at all surprising that some people are grasping at anything they can to feel some connection to people, and are feeling that the only viable pathway to that connection is desperate coercion. Threatening suicide is the nuclear option. It's the way to get people, perfect strangers even, to jump up and at least appear to care. It's not wrong to want support from other people, and indeed meaningful social support is something that a lot more of us should be able to benefit from, but that's easier said than done with online school, remote work, etc., and no particularly strong signs of reversal of those trends. Obviously what's going on here is a lot more pathological than just a desire to feel connected gone wrong, but it does make what is going on here seem relatable and legitimate to too many people.

I saw a great comment earlier, isn't finishing way ahead of the real women making him dysphoric?? The TIM should finish somewhere in the middle if he doesn't want to have to kill himself, because finishing way ahead of actual women due to your huge man body just cements your inescapable manhood.

You're so right. I think this particular dude is literally getting off of beating women, he's not even doing it to spin in a skirt like a normal AGP.

IDGAF anymore, he needs to move over and let women play their own sport.

They're encouraging and rewarding people for using coercive control techniques, which is a recognized form of abuse. If you're a man who will kill himself if you can't swim against women then shit or get off the pot. Your mental well being is not our responsibility.

I can't believe that 2/3 visible comments were in support of that and that it was actually upvoted. Like, I knew that reddit was bad but that bad? In any relationship advice sub, holding a person hostage via suicide threats would be labeled as manipulative with zero hesitation. But when it's trans people doing it, it's suddenly fine. Ridiculous. And everyone's mental health is their own responsibility. That's something that seems to be lost lately. Increased focus on caring for your mental health is great, but so many people are using it as a justification for making excessive demands of others. That is not & never has been what mental health care & visibility should be about.

Let's expand on this. If it's someone's dream to graduate fromm medical school but he's too stupid /lazy to keep up with the demanding classes and he's going to kill himself if he doesn't become a medical doctor, should we save his life by letting him pass and giving him a medical license?

This is such terrible logic that I can't even

Does this mean I can just threaten suicide and everyone I'm competing against has to let me win?

Maybe I'll try this at work.

What's that? Negative peer reviews on my research? I'm going to kill myself if you don't publish my shitty article! Where is your empathy???

Oop, this is already happening, just under different verbiage!

I’m curious about the verbiage if you don’t mind expanding on that. I’d like to be better at spotting some of this stuff.

I might be 70 kg but I feel so fat shamed having to compete in that category for weight lifting. I will kill myself if I'm not allowed to compete with women weighing 50 kg.

I was just thinking this. I'm going to try out for the women's 100 yard dash at the Olympics. If they don't let me race for the USA, I'm threatening to blow my brains out!!!!

I have never seen anyone, ever, suggest that other athletes should let men in competition with mental health issues win to help their mental health. Hey, Joe -- don't go all out because Mikey has been suicidal and we wouldn't want him to take his own life if he lost the race.

THAT HAS NEVER HAPPENED. This is only something that would EVER be asked of girls and women because they think they can guilt female athletes.


Exactly. The fact that they can even make these arguments at all just proves how deeply misogynistic society is.

So if all those female swimmers threaten suicide because they're so upset about coming in second, does the trans swimmer have to leave the team? We can all just hold each other hostage with empty suicide threats to get our way if we're not able to make rational, convincing arguments?

Interestingly, threatening suicide is a hallmark of abusive romantic relationships. “If you leave me, I’ll kill myself” is a line used by many abusers to manipulate their victims into sticking around and catering to their unreasonable demands.

Yes, it's extremely manipulative. They know it works on a lot of women because we're such empathetic people and we've been socialized to prioritize other people's feelings and comfort above our own. You never hear them using this line on men to take things away from them.

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Maybe if they are suicidal they should just....go to THERAPY?

I am not responsible for the feelings or thoughts in someone else's head. That's their problem, not mine, and I'm tired of men acting like it should be my problem when it's not.

If they’re actively threatening suicide they should be committed to a mental institution like everyone else. That’s ✨equality✨

Trouble is, therapists are now held hostage by trans demands. Affirmation only! Otherwise you'll lose your license and in some countries go to prison. Give the titty skittles or else off to the gulag. So when TIMs go to therapy, they get told that of course he's a real girl, and anyone who thinks or says differently is the problem and should be punished by the long arm of the law.

In a rational world, yes, but going to therapy would be a tacit acknowledgement that their dysphoria/trans-ness/whatever-you-want-to-call-it is a mental illness and not just some totally normal thing.

That is the worst comment I've read today. I can't get over the amount of casual misogyny that exists -- women athletes should just shove over because some mentally ill man in a dress might kill himself if he doesn't get his way. UGH.

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