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'What I want to do is just run, have a team, have friends on the team supporting me,' Hecox said in a video posted by the American Civil Liberties Union.

'There’s no vindictiveness there of me trying to take away girls’ scholarships or trophies or places. I just want to be one of them — I am one of them.'

No, no you are not one of them. And your intentions and words don't matter when your actions speak so loudly - you do not give a shit about the girls, you only care about yourself.

Women's sports teams are not the backdrop for men's teary-eyed coming-of-age sob stories. I swear, every guy goes on to these teams expecting all the girls to play a supporting role in his little drama about finding himself and being accepted and all this bullshit. It is such a nauseating display of narcissism and male entitlement.

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So men can't support trans athletes and be friends with them? Or is it that they want more than support and friendship, they want to win?

It's so telling when news outlets do not show full body shots of TIMs. Here's some full body shots of June Eastwood, the TIM to whom Kenyon and Marshall lost.


Not hard to pick out who the male is.

Interesting in the comments there’s a person from Gloucester who felt the need to get on two accounts to say exactly the same thing about how the “trans women have a right to sports too”, and what the girl in the article is doing is wrong. Really beginning to spot the bot accounts pushing agendas everywhere lately.

I could spot the boys in every one of those pics. They can grow their hair long and wear female clothes but their faces are always a giveaway. Something hard in the faces of boys. And their eyes are always smaller. Can’t surgery that away guys, men’s eyes are smaller than women’s.

Really beginning to spot the bot accounts pushing agendas everywhere lately.

Ever think about how TIMs make tools like shinigami eyes but they wouldn't bother making an extension that helps identify bot comments.. something good to give back to society

Damn! And this is the first time we've heard of this. So so proud of her. So glad she's speaking up and encouraging others women athletes to speak up.

Good for her!! It takes so much bravery to speak out, even in a conservative state like Idaho where you won't be vilified by friends and family to the same degree. I can't believe that TIMs think their "right" to "camaraderie" on the women's team should be any kind of a factor in setting fairness standards in sport. I don't get to complain that I'm excluded from the camaraderie because I'm a slow af runner who didn't qualify for the Western States 100. I don't get to say I'm excluded from the fun team vibes of the Lakers because I wasn't drafted to play basketball in the NBA. It's a completely bogus argument.

Can't wait until we can speak in plain terms to describe what's happening. Stop bending the knee, dailymail.

Female athlete who lost five times to male competitors on the women's team tells Pennsylvania swimmers to speak up

The fact that that's still happening, that women are still losing to males in their own sport

Kenyon urged University of Pennsylvania swimmers to speak out after male athlete Lia Thomas smashed national women's records last month

Idaho's Fairness in Women's Sports Act, which bans male athletes from competing against women regardless of how long they have taken hormones

June Eastwood (pictured), the first male NCAA athlete to compete in the women's Division 1 cross country, ran against and beat Kenyon and Marshall, knocking them down a placement level

Kenyon and Marshall detailed losing to male University of Montana runner June Eastwood in their motion supporting Idaho's law. College Senior Eastwood, who finished four seconds ahead of the second-place runner in that race, had competed on the men's team for his first three years in school.

'I just want to say to the female athletes in Pennsylvania, don't let anyone silence you. Speak up, tell the NCAA, your athletic directors and your coaches that you want fair competition, because speaking up about this is nowhere near as scary as it seems, and the amount of support is overwhelming.'

Great show of sisterhood by encouraging others to speak out against this unfairness. I'm proud of these women!

I planned to send you this article, sis, but I saw you were OP.

Thank you.

I'd love to put Kenyon's wins up, but am not sure where to find them. I need exact name of event, place held, date held, category if any . . . do you know where I could find this info?

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