YOOO these women are on FIRE!!!

But what the fuck kind of comment is this: "“Trans athletes — Lia, in particular — deserve love" no they fucking don't?! Love isnt demanded, love isnt forced, love isnt a right, love is given freely. This scrote needs to be taught a lesson regarding his lust for shoving his male body where it doesn't belong.

[–] Eava 55 points

Love doesn't equal competing with an unfair advantage. Sometimes love means telling someone "no".

Haven't you heard? Love means you have to support and cheer someone on no matter what bullshit they're pulling. /s

We see this clearly when it comes to transition. Lying to someone on a daily basis and contributing to delusion definitely isn't love.

The whole idea that they “deserve love” isn’t even relevant to the conversation. Telling a man that he has an unfair advantage over women and therefore should not be playing in women’s sports isn’t a denial of “love” or preventing him from being “loved”. Trans activists love to deflect from the actual conversation being had by equating criticism with hate/oppression.

He can have "tough love".

Which used to be a common approach to dealing with children who demanded to do or get something that wasn't right... Just say No.

I hate the term "tough love", I think something like "setting boundaries and actually enforcing them" would be better, even though it's a mouthful.

I've typically seen "tough love" used to describe obvious mental, physical, and verbal abuse way too many times. I think the phrasing itself contributed to that.

Super privileged young white man declares he's trans, and magically toxic masculinity no longer applies and he deserves love. Every minority group and women must bow at his feet. I gotta hand it to them, what a sell-job. It's the ultimate Scam of the Century.

[–] Gladys_Kravitz 20 points Edited

Honestly, it would have been much better legally if she spoke out, but didn't quit. She should have forced them to fire her and then sued her employer. It sets a legal precedent for future cases, whereas this option (quitting in protest) does not.

I'm glad she stood up for her beliefs, though. I hope we see more people speak out, regardless of employment status.

Based official! We all need to speak up where we can because by remaining silent by we are tacitly consenting.

Did a quick Google search on Cynthia Millen's name, and, of course, found no listings related to liberal legacy media outlets about it. Only conservative media outlets are reporting on this. Once again, The Washington Post, NPR, The Guardian, U.S. edition, The New York Times Trans, the so-called "Paper of Record," have failed girls and women.

The Daily Mail just published something, but it's basically a copy and paste of the Washington Time article.


I apologize for the source, but I couldn't find anywhere else that published this, other than Fox News where Cynthia Millen did an interview.

I literally don't even care anymore. Fox and other right wing outlets getting viewership and clicks is a direct result of leftwing news outlets refusing to cover reality. That's their fault, not ours.

And the more views and clicks we give them, the more stories like this they will publish. Eventually the NYT, WaPo, et al. will have to get with the program and say something/anything about this issue. Ignoring it will no longer be an option.

And there will be fear and loathing in the editor's meetings. The TRA minefield awaits! One false step, and BOOM.

The almost uniform silence of the NYT, WaPo, NPR, the Guardian, the BBC on this issue* is profoundly and glaringly embarrassing and damaging to their journalistic reputations. And, if they don't report on it, then less established/ less savory/ more conservative news outlets will.

*with slight glimmers of journalistic integrity appearing at the BBC regarding Nolan's reporting on the Stonewall-BBC connection, and at the NYT in publishing JK Rowling's "Christmas Pig" column today.

I think that when they stop ignoring this problem and talk about it, it'll be just like what they did with the rape fuckery in Loudoun county schools. They'll gaslight the fuck outta parents and women because God forbid anyone criticize the genderspecials.

We gotta do what we gotta do when formerly responsible legacy media outlets ignore GC women's viewpoints, actions, and interests.

If it helps, a report came out today that more liberals watch Fox than CNN. These liberals won't report on anything deviating from the doctrine, and liberals have no choice but to find things out on Fox.

I totally believe it. It's exactly what I do—I consume news sources from all over the political spectrum. It's really interesting to see how papers cover the same exact event.

Most of the time it sounds like they're describing completely different events!

Do you have that report? I'd really like to send it to a few people

[–] Lilith-Fair 3 points Edited

I'm so grateful for all these brave women standing their ground

Good for her. Maybe this particular athlete highlights the problem clearly enough to make a wave (sorry)

Is this really the right thing to do? They will just replace her with a TRA.......

This is exactly the right thing to do. She would be silenced if she continued to work as referee for that league anyway. Now that she's left, she has been able to go public. Hopefully, she'll work with other women associated with women's sports, and start making a WHOLE LOT OF NOISE!!!

[–] starstuff 11 points Edited

She could have been vocal about it while she still held any power, forcing the league to either allow it or fire her for it, a la Maya Forstater, which would actually be a big deal. Now some TIM or something will just quietly take her spot.

[–] Califasauros 4 points Edited

Point taken. But, I'm not going to criticize her decision to criticize gender gaslighting ideology AFTER she quit her position too much...after all, undoubtedly, most people having GC positions associated with sporting organizations are staying silent.

I absolutely agree. I feel like his team mates quitting would have been more impactful, and with no risk of a TRA being put in a position of power.

Yes, because someone has to be the first one. As she says, there are others who agree but are afraid to come forward.

Yeah, I'm actually a little worried. People who actually care about this issue and have some amount of power over the rules are the last people we need quitting. We need GC voices in official positions to help shape policies.

Officials have a unique chokehold on USA Swimming, and may represent one of the best ways to apply pressure. You can't just become an official overnight -- there is a long apprenticeship and training period. And meets can't run without them. Unlike coaches and administrators, most officials are current/recent swim parents who took on the training to make sure their own kids would be able to swim. A walkout of officials would grind the sport to a halt.

I agree that we need people representing the sane/GC POV when negotiations are had, but a significant resistance in the official community could be very effective.

Thank you for this reassurance.

I think I'm just scarred from seeing this play out in the worst case scenarios, multiple times.

I'm just thinking about how many organizations have changed the rules or outright ignored the rules just to put a TIM in a position of power, like that rape crisis center in Scotland. It was literally against their policy to hire a natal male, and they did it anyway.

No repercussions because they make the rules and can choose to ignore them whenever they want.

Yes because she’ll give courage to others who’ve been too afraid to speak up before now. Every act of protest is important in this fight. And I don’t believe there are enough TRAs to replace us all!

Yes it is. It's a walkout protest.

I don't get it. She had the power to directly influence policy & decisions, and just handed it over to a replacement who will either be a bootlicker or a male. Who does it benefit & how?

Its a voluntary role and she's taking a stand. She's outlined here reasons in her resignation letter, and is encouraging other officials to do the same. No officials, no swimming. She brings a conscientious objector, is declaring her motives, putting her neck on the line by getting publicity, and getting publicity that may shame the swimming body into acting.

Do sports referees "directly influence policy & decisions" in sport? Not that I've heard. Unless they're calls on the field about athletes' moves, which, I hope, would not be affected in any way by her politics.

An "official" is a person, maybe a volunteer for high school/college, who officiates at a meet or event. Blows the whistle to start play, records scores. An official does not equal being on a board, or creating policy.

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