also Hall of Fame Swimming coach Dave Salo


also Hall of Fame Swimming coach Dave Salo https://m.washingtontimes.com/news/2021/dec/28/dave-salo-lia-thomas-swimming-situation-assault-wo/


I thought that creepy New Zealand weightlifter was a turning point, but this Liar Thomas seems to be generating much more publicity for his cheating.

Yay? Too little too late for the winter Olympics this year, sadly.

Unfortunately Laurel “No Snatch” Hubbard tapped successfully into society’s enduring sympathy for pathetic men. His male pattern baldness, age, and simpering cringey mannerisms allowed him to benefit from the best possible optics TIMs have ever had: just some poor mentally ill person who can live a longer and happier life with a little kindness and capitulation from strangers and friends (“it costs you nothing!”)

Additionally, they picked probably the best possible sport to insert a male into by merit of how well-built and sturdy female weightlifters have to be at the Olympian level. They’re still obviously women, but at a distance, in a lineup, the visual differences between a male and a group of large and strong women is not as stark as the difference between a male in a lineup with a group of females in almost any other sport.

Liar here is a college dude in his physical prime at an Ivy League university. Most people look at his Neanderthal brow and lantern jaw and don’t think “well we just have to be kind to this poor ‘woman’ who is aging and pitiful and therefore definitely not a ‘real’ man.”

I find myself thinking more and more that this is really at the heart of it: men (and women but mostly men) have been using “woman” and “girl”, as pejoratives, to refer to men and boys who they perceive as not masculine enough since forever. Genderism and the underlying sexism have indeed turned this into a society where many people calling a man a woman, and meaning it, just relies on that man lacking traditionally “masculine” success.

Thomas has probably achieved more typically coded masculine success than most men ever will, so males see through the sham as well as females. He’s gloating after literally crushing his far daintier-looking competition in front of their parents, and being backed with full support by their male coach. He didn’t lose catastrophically and then make a twee little heart shape with his meaty man-hands to thank people for playing along SO kindly with his little charade and letting him be there. He mopped the floor with women and believes he deserves to, like only a real man can, and the institution is letting him get away with it. The USA loves an underdog and no matter how you twist things, Liar (and most other TIMs) are as much underdogs as they are women.

The Penn swimming team is scheduled to compete next on Jan. 8 at home against Dartmouth.

This would be a chance for anyone in the Philadelphia area to show up and take photos or stage a protest.

The women on the Penn team and all the women on the Dartmouth team should stay on the blocks for any race where he is present. As someone else said, let him and his weenie swim solo.