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Wow, this is huge. I wish men would listen to us, but they definitely will listen to a male superstar Olympian about his own sport. Great news to hear he is speaking out. It will generate a lot more coverage of this issue too.

An issue I see heading towards us is that there will be a large group of men who become outraged over the trans movement but the other group of them (in addition to most women) will portray being gender critical as being on the side of "cis white privileged men".

[–] [Deleted] 54 points Edited

Reading his quote, he was so careful to not offend anyone's feelings. But anything outside of "Lia Thomas is an absolute queen, the most beautiful and feminine woman I've ever seen, and I can absolutely not wait to see her smash Katie Ledecky's records and put those bitches in their places" is considered violence.

Really harkens back to that old South Park episode where one of the kids got in a ton of trouble at school for saying "I don't think Caitlyn Jenner is a hero."

(Modern) South Park continues to portray the controversy surrounding trans people awesomely.

LOL, I'd love to see the public try to cancel Michael Phelps for this.

they're trying over at twitter, lol

Mic drop commentary from PinkNews: "Tell that to everyone he's swam against."

[–] Ave_Lucifuge 13 points Edited

Even Reddit is anti-Lia outside of the usual TRA hug boxes, so I'm not sure why the trans agenda/Penis News keeps pushing back on this. If they had two brain cells to rub together, they would realize it makes them look like awful misogynists to everyone else and quietly drop it, but they don't. I wonder if they think that any concession on TIMs "femaleness" (lol) will be the death knell to the movement. Why else do they keep humiliating themselves like this?

LOL apparently being an exceptional male athlete beating other male athletes is unfair now, but cheating in the other sex's sport isn't?

This is such a specious argument. Phelps didn't beat opponents by 45 seconds. Serena didn't win all her matches 6-0, 6-0.

Additionally, it doesn't matter if Thomas or any trans-identified athlete wins or not--it's whether there is an unfair advantage.

Of course they are because no one is too rich, big, or famous to avoid cancellation.

[–] Eava 15 points

I'm waiting for the analysis of his arm length and lactic acid production to be brought up to show he wasn't on a level playing field.

Yeah, it's there. But not the mention of how he started training six days a week, swimming 50+ miles per week as a preteenager. Funny that.

The issue isn't complicated though.

A man is competing in women's sports and smashing records because he has a physical advantage over women.

It's very simple, stop the cheat from competing. What's making it complicated are people who want to continue to allow him to cheat.

[–] TheDirtyYumejo 15 points Edited

I guess this is kinda mean of me but damn that William/lia/whatever Thomas has such a punchable face it's unreal. That shit eating grin he has means he goddamn knows what he's doing and he's smug about it.

Good for him - and deftly done, too, he made it hard for them to @ him while making it quite clear what he thinks.

This is why I was stoked when Joe Rogan broke down exactly why it was fucked when the Fallon Fox thing went down. He may be a complete idiot in everything from science to medicine, but the one thing he does know every fucking thing about is MMA and fighter body mechanics.

People like Rogan and Phelps who are actual "experts" in their "field" should be speaking out loudly about this BS.

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