I care, too. But the "Because then, maybe they'll be afraid" ain't gonna happen.

We have to make them afraid.

Make them lose customers (businesses).

Make them lose enrollments and alumni donations (colleges).

Make them lose subscriptions (newspapers).

Make them lose elections (politicians).

We are over half of the population. We can do it.

Why hasn't it already been done, then? I am asking sincerely, because unless we know the answer to that question, nothing will change.

Because we don’t do any of those things when misogyny occurs. Women, by and large, don’t act like a cohesive interest group. We have been conditioned to see our oppression as just the way it is.

My point is that it doesn’t have to be this way. We can create the consequences that influence social change. It just takes a lot of work.

Trickle down had to happen, LOL. The devils in the details had to be become real, visible and undeniable. In theory trans rights sounded ok to most people. The narrative was that TiPs were vulnerable and there’d be no conflicts. Due to lack of imagination, or empathy, or whatever, the early dissenters were dismissed as being transphobic haters due to lack of evidence. But seeing is believing, and Lia’s male body and his easy record breaking wins has made those abstract objections into undeniable and rational ones.

Most women are male-centered. Most of us will not join forces to change anything. We could if we wanted to but wives have husbands, girlfriends have boyfriends, mothers have sons and that will always take priority over helping women.