To clarify, the "transgender people" they care more about are men. No one is campaigning to help TIFs cheat.

To be fair, both political parties care a lot more about men than women, we live in a patriarchy after all, it's just hypocritical since dems like to pretend that they're such feminists. Women are the majority of the dem base, I don't understand why party leaders can't see that this is suicide for them. I think they miscalculated and assumed that all of us are such doormats that we'll just roll over and accept this to "be nice".

So far most women are doing exactly that. So it looks like their strategy is working

Most women still haven't heard of Lia Thomas and have never met a TIM, trans issues aren't really on their radar. I was an ally and was only peaked after interacting with a lot of them in lesbian spaces, most women haven't had those experiences yet, but I think will peak easily once they know the facts.