Poor kid . . . she still thinks anyone cares about being called a misogynist. Literally no one cares about women, so no one will ever be punished for being a misogynist:

“It’s a big 'screw you' to women,” the Penn swimmer said. “This is the ‘cool’ thing to do right now," she added regarding the enabling of males competing in women's sports. "I’m positive that no one thinks this is OK. Or at least anyone with a brain, anyone with an education. Anyone knows there are differences between men and women. And I really think that they need to be called out, name by name, and called misogynists. Because then, maybe they’ll be afraid.”

I care. I appreciate her call.

I care, too. But the "Because then, maybe they'll be afraid" ain't gonna happen.

We have to make them afraid.

Make them lose customers (businesses).

Make them lose enrollments and alumni donations (colleges).

Make them lose subscriptions (newspapers).

Make them lose elections (politicians).

We are over half of the population. We can do it.