The absolute rage I feel right now after reading this. The TRAs are like abusive partners who stonewall you, flat out refusing to discuss issues. Their goal is to silence any dissent and worse, make it illegal and punishable to disagree.

“I was met with the single most stunning response I've ever received on any issue. I was told that the words biological and genetic have no business being in a discussion around sex and gender. I was told trans women are women. They are female. They're girls, no language that minimizes that point should be tolerated. I was told it was an offensive question. My language was “out of date.” I was told that sex and gender are equally important and that the ACLU is actively removing sex from legal documentations and legal language. I tried to gently prod at the preposterous arguments I was hearing and I was met with an absolute brick wall when she concluded with, “Let me tell you with certainty, ‘The ACLU will never represent cis women against women.’”

I cannot get past the ACLU bullshit.

I love it that she hammers home the fact that this is a 6'4" dude with a penis. He's a man yall. With a penis.

A scrote’s ego is obviously so much more important than the integrity of sports and the safety & comfort of women OBVIOUSLY.

That was a good read. I think it's important that we have more narratives like this that challenge the reader to really see and feel it from the woman's point of view. It was a great description of being a young female athlete of having to psychologically prepare to compete in a rigged game and brings extra towels to change under. All of it.