Great. Now pass a law that prohibits changing the sex on birth certificates to close that loophole.

[–] Gladys_Kravitz 24 points Edited

THIS. Your birth certificate doesn't actually belong to you. It's a record kept by the state to document an event that happened.

People are treating it like a Twitter bio.

Edit [rant incoming]

I also oppose changing birth certificates of adoptees so that the adoptive parents are listed.

That is false information and it's not a legally valid document anymore IMO. It's a legal fiction and it holds no authority. Plus, adoptive parents should not legally have the right to alter a third parties legal documents. The child is not a possession, it is a legally separate person whose rights are being violated against their consent.

I fully support additional versions that reflect the custody changes, though. I also oppose changing the documents in regards to paternity. If the man listed is not the child's father, then an additional amended version should be created to document proper paternity.

Just leave the original intact. It might be crucial to future litigation or criminal investigation, e.g. to prove a relationship between two people at the time of an incident, etc.

All of these situations (gender identity bullshit included) are symptoms of the extreme and toxic individualism that's suffocating our civilization.

We place our flighty, temperamental, temporary feelings over the safety and solidarity of the community.

Having access to accurate information about people and events is crucial to criminal justice and maintaining "order".

I have been reading the Handmaids tale, i wish the government could keep some internal records (maybe they already do?) documenting who’s really who. And print whatever the TIPs want on a piece of paper to take home. In the book, only the gov had access to it to prevent incest.

I love how they always use the word girls when they're talking about grown men. Manipulators.

It's so insulting to call a hulking 6'4 TIM with the back of a gorilla and the hands of a bear a freaking "girl"

can't wait for biden to jump to their rescue like he did with texas lol. crazy how the trans issue is the only one he's actually willing to address with any sort of urgency & completely acquiesce to their insane demands. meanwhile women are getting reproductive rights stripped, but i'm sure he would care more if they used "pregnant people" instead.

It's because trans rights have been designated as the official smokescreen issue that they use to pacify people, because they think that people really want it

think being the operative word. sure, it's appeasing the tiny tiny group of insane activists that control everything, but is biden really that senile that he can't see how much support he's losing because of his embarrassing refusal to stop catering to these dangerous delusions?!

People hate it. Nowhere is the contrast between the approved media narrative and people's actual feelings on the matter more apparent than in the comments section after every article that lavishes praise on men in dresses. Comments are usually between 75% to 95% lambasting this stupidity.

The Democrats are point shaving. They immediately cave to the GOP on every issue that's actually popular with the majority of Americans.

I am so fed up with this.

im really, REALLY hoping that the numbers for the next election show people how much support they're losing by isolating women like this. would be so glorious to see a massive drop in the % of female democrat voters and watch them scratch their heads like oh no why could this be??

2 weeks ago I attended a town hall with Congressman Tom Malinowski D-NJ, one of the co-sponsers of the Equality Act. He is my Congressman and is a pretty good guy otherwise. I told him the Democrats are going to hemorrhage women over this issue and that we don't want middle aged men with sexual fetishes taking over female spaces. He said he only wanted to discuss issues that affect constituents!! WTF??! I'M a constituent! Not voting this fall...

These propaganda machines can write whatever dishonest drivel they want, they can continue to frame it as a human rights violation of "transgender girls" but nobody is actually buying it. Almost nobody supports boys in girls sports.

Psst, "transgender girls" are boys.

Whole grown ass men to boot! Calling Will Thompson a girl is hilarious, that shoulder to hip ratio don't lie 🤣

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Good for Iowa.

Random tangent: I have to admit, seeing Sports Illustrated going from misogynist to full TRA is not an improvement. Not that the misogyny was ever good, but I'm just saying.

🥳 And it's hard to find any articles saying what this is: protecting girls and women from these interlopers.

The comments under this post on Reddit was overwhelming positive and supportive, a lot of top comments removed and the thread was locked only after a few hours. Bet all those trans mods and admins are pissed people weren’t upset and calling for a turnover.

TIM will be off to Wikipedia updating the neo nazi Iowa Wikipedia page.

I'm thrilled the headline says they're banned from women's sports. Way too many headlines on this issue shorten it to "banned from sports," or similar language that is misleading and disingenuous. It also undercuts TRA allegations of these decisions being cruel or violent or unfair, since "please play on Sports Team A instead of Sports Team B" isn't remotely controversial to the average person.

[–] n3847 2 points Edited

Good. I don't care where they go as long as they get out of women's sports. They can always play against men. The men don't care, they'll annihilate all of them, lol.

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