The injustice of this has me fuming mad.

This is what I meant when I said a while back that a SINGLE MALE INVADER creates a ripple effect that ruins a sport or activity for thousands, maybe tens of thousands, of women and girls.

“All space becomes male space unless females maintain a concerted effort to mark a space for themselves.” –Sheila Jeffreys

She should sue. They need to start suing so this can go up to the Supreme Court. Let this garbage "die by a thousand cuts" with lawsuits or in fell swoop with a decision by the Supreme Court.

Idk what she would sue for though. There's no way to go back in time and right this wrong.

He's a mediocre man and she's one of the best, he isn't even in her wavelength and shouldn't be treated like he is.

I hate Tommy Thomas.

I hate all the incels in the comments gloating about how women wanting rights brought this on ourselves somehow.

And they wonder why women hate them and they can't find girlfriends 🙄

Have you ever been hit on by one of those butts?

When younger, my biggest worry was being unkind or ‘stuck up’. This attracts controlling losers

It was creepy. They hit on you with a smile on their lips but anger and hate in their eyes

I feel for young women today


I can't even form coherent thoughts about this I'm so angry

Sorry, I deleted my comment because it was vaguely directed.

Liar Thomas and his supporters and enablers, are fucking assholes.

Just when I think I can’t get angrier about this situation.