Love the fact that they stated only people with the designation "female" on the original birth certificate can play. They realize that in some states, I believe, people's legal sex on birth certificates can change.

I still get so mad thinking about this. Falsifying documents for the vile fetish of men. We can't even change out eye color on the passport even if you wore colored contacts 24/7. But a full ass male with cock and balls and a beard is now a "female". I want to puke

In Canada as well, though I think it's well known that Canada chugs the kool-aid lol

Good but, for the 274,639,748th time, no one is "assigned" anything at birth.

Yeah, except in some cases with intersex people. TIPs appropriated that language to make it seem like they have a real medical condition.

Those are the rare exceptions but what I find funny is within the Intersex community (the very same community they keep invoking), there is a movement to stop the surgeries and hormones on Intersex children that the trans activists insist children must get. They believe that there's nothing wrong w them and the child should be allowed to grow up to adulthood and decide what they want.

The TIPs do have a medical condition though. They're mentally ill. It's in the head.

A league of all southern states though, so not surprising. I fear the Biden Admin will next make it ok for people to change their sex on their birth certificates. What then? They've already allowed it on passports.

They say “original” birth certificates here to get around such nonsense.

Still, going forward some woke parents might decide to pick some "open" option. So we shall see.

I'm worried about that as well. I was surprised when renewing my passport that you really can self-declare any gender. Depending on the state, changing your gender on your birth certificate can be a fairly easy process. For example, in California they don't ask for any sort of diagnosis of gender dysphoria or any other supporting documents to change your gender on your birth certificate. If that was made a nation-wide policy, I would be very worried as it really obfuscates reality or history of a person.

I can only guess that some countries are going along with this bullshittery because it’s just words on a page when the state has unknown amounts of biometric data on all of us. Just a hunch.


Growing up, I knew two girls who eventually became world champion women's softball pitchers. They throw that ball HARD. I cannot imagine how hard a man would throw it. It would likely injure someone.

My best friend was a pitcher in high school, and she broke another girl’s hand with the ball.