What is it with these sick fucks who can't just race in their sex division? If you've mentally excluded yourself from your own sex class, that doesn't mean the opposite sex needs to live in upside-down world to accommodate you. USE LOGIC.

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Yeah, recently I've been hearing the argument of "oh, these people don't want to out themselves as trans by competing against men". Hello, none of these people pass to begin with, and none of them can form a sentence that doesn't mention their trans identity! Why are they so proud and public about being trans until it comes to competing fairly in sports? Couldn't be because they have their eyes on an easier olympic spot like Lia Thomas, could it? If Thomas wanted to blend in as a "cis woman", he wouldn't be flashing his dick in the women's locker room and bragging about being the trans Jackie Robinson. I mean, he would probably avoid swimsuits that highlight his package like the plague as well.

Edited to add: This quote from the article cracked me up: " the science showed there were “retained differences in strength, stamina and physique between the average woman compared with the average transgender woman or non-binary person registered male at birth”."

Did we really need to wait for scientific studies to tell us this? We have eyeballs. If these TIMs feel bad competing in a category called "men's", then they should be campaigning to change the title to something like "open division" or "testosterone above 2.5 nmol/L" or something. (Apparently the reason they accept TIMs at 10 nmol even though this is way higher than the female range, is that it's impossible for them to get as low as females.) Demanding that they alone compete against females while other men have to play fair can only be viewed as cheating.

Right decision, wrong reasons, and not permanent.

Just a technical foul on his part. I suspect this is not the last we will hear of him.

My understand ing is that he isnt banned, but is ineligible to enter the womens race because he is registered as a male cyclist. When he is registered as a woman he'll be able to ride in womens races in the UK, judging by the reaction of other cyclists there could be a boycott if he does.

Yes, that seems to be the case. Hope they change the rules by then. To like, oh I don’t know, “you must be a female to compete in female sports”.

Hopefully tide is turning

I can't imagine that the female cyclists I'm familiar with across the various UCI disciplines are going to accept this without a whimper of protest. They're badasses across the board and they've busted their butts for years to win. I admire them so much and I hope they can help us in the fight to protect women's sports.

To work so hsrd to have some mediocre male take it from you

What is this, sports or corporate America, lol

Technicality for now…

Yeah I was really hoping for a big hammer down ruleing but it looks like they’ve disqualified him on a technicality because his paperwork doesn’t say female. Which I imagine was wanting a slice of both pies, imagine being both a male AND female champion at the same time. The clout!!!

“Wanting a slice of both pies.”

I think that at a bare minimum, if a guy wants to compete as a woman, as an act of good faith he must have his cock and balls removed.

(Not that I think having your penis chopped off makes you a woman, but at the least it might make some of these men think twice before they try to race against women).

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Good for the UCI! Finally, grown-ups making grown-up decisions about whether female-identifying males should be allowed to compete in women's sports...based on whether they "feel like a woman....inside" (wish there was a font or option to indicate scathing contempt for a phrase like the last one)...or, based on their willingness to take cross- sex hormones to lower their testosterone levels to more than twice the amount naturally found in women, adult human females.

At least this women's athletic competition won't be a circus centering yet another female-identifying male athlete indifferent to the emotional pain and loss of economic / status opportunities he's causing his female teammates.

If only the NCAA across the pond had had a similar pair of ovaries in dealing with Lia Thomas.

They stopped him only temporarily on a technicality. It's good though that they are calling out for clear and better rulings in sport regarding tims.

However the UCI ruled the 21-year-old, who began hormone therapy last year to reduce her testosterone levels, was currently not compliant with its regulations as she is still registered as a male cyclist – and therefore cannot compete as a woman until her male UCI ID expires.

I think the UCI has some balls. They helped evacuate cyclists and others from Afghanistan - not something I saw the NCAA doing.

I think it was the UCI who let McKinnon compete. They aren't any better really, this was just an issue of technicality.

That motherfucker can still compete with the men. No on is telling him he can't race. Finally some common sense ruling. Good luck to the female riders!

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"The UCI’s decision came amid a growing backlash from within the sport, with the Guardian understanding that a number of female riders were talking about boycotting the event in Derby because they felt that Bridges, who was on the Great Britain Academy programme as a male rider until being dropped in 2020, had an unfair advantage."

You see how quickly things can change when women boycott? If women stood united and strong, they would get rid of all this Trans nonsense.

Instead, we have fractured group of women (those claiming to be Feminists and not) who can't agree that "man in dress/makeup is not woman". You have women who don't claim to be Feminists because the Liberal Woke type has annoyed the shit out of them (not saying that makes sense) and the extremist Liberal Democrat type spewing Men's Rights/T & Q garbage like a fire hose.

The Liberal Democrats Woke people (mostly men) are out right saying they want to eliminate women's spaces. Destiny got banned from Twitch for saying he didn't agree with it.

Aba and Preach talked about it in their recent video. "THEY'RE NOT DENYING IT... "Let's Eliminate Women's Spaces"" is the video where they clip people like Hasan and a TIM outright saying it.

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