This is the power of boycott! This is how "Emily" got banned!


This is the power of boycott! This is how "Emily" got banned! [https://latestpagenews.com/culture-and-art/female-cyclists-threaten-to-boycott-championships-if-trans-rider-emily-bridges-is-allowed/](https://latestpagenews.com/culture-and-art/female-cyclists-threaten-to-boycott-championships-if-trans-rider-emily-bridges-is-allowed/)


I think a critical mass has been reached following the Will Thomas debacle, and it has emboldened female athletes to push back. Good for them.

Its possible for UK athletes to boycott thanelsewhere in the world because the law supports them, and not male inclusion in womens sports. We can thank the fact that 'sex' is a named characteristic in the Equality Act which also makes single sex sports legal; and also that The Gender Recognition Act names sports as a sex affected activity, so a Gender Recognition Certificate doesn't count.

They saw what these scum did to women's swimming, women in sports are fed up and they're showing it!

JFC, you can see his bulge in the very first photo.

I'm so fucking sick of this shit.

Nothing but respect for these women who speak out despite the very real risk of attracting hateful or violent attention.

Bridges will now have to wait for her current UCI registration as a male cyclist to expire before she can re-register and compete as a woman.

I knew it. They're going to allow him to cycle against women. They only DQ'd because of a technicality.

Well, now the women know what exactly they're up against. They have time to organize and boycott any competition which allows him to compete. And, if they're smart, they'll start talking about how he's a man. HE'S A MAN AND THEY ARE WOMEN. Keep hitting that, but how. He's a man who is trying to cheat by competing in the women's category. Full stop.

And, point out politely that he can go back and compete against the other men and wear pink and toss his hair and make a mockery of himself pretending to be a lay-dee, but, as far as competition is concerned, he's a man.

I thought this same thing, until I read another article today that included a quote from the UCI’s (international governing body for cycling) president. He used the words “shaky” and “fragile” to describe the current situation which struck me as odd. Now come to find out they were threatening to boycott and it all makes sense. The international cycling heads are SHOOK and I’m so proud that these women were able to do that.

On a side note, I hope more international bodies step up. It’s easy for the Western countries with their lofty ideals to value being kind over material reality. However, once the controversy steps outside of Western World sports and on to the international stage, there is going to be a lot more pushback and that pushback is going to come from much less privileged people.

So they only reason they stopped him is because of the women boycotting, ie no race would take place.

That means, if they can gauge the room and figure the women won't say anything, they'll go full steam ahead.

I don't trust this. Not one bit.

I'm concerned that individual female athletes will fear losing their sponsorships (their main source of income) if they speak up. I doubt their contracts include any protections from retaliation for speaking out against discrimination, although I'm not an expert on that and I'm not sure if their countries' laws have any such protections. That's the key, though - women are speaking out about discrimination on the basis of sex. It's not about "fairness" in some loose sense, but fairness in the anti-discrimination sense.

I absolutely agree and I should have made that more clear. On Twitter and Reddit, I frequently see people (typically men) saying “why don’t the women just boycott” and it’s so annoying. On an individual level, the women can’t boycott because it would cause social and professional damage while changing nothing. They can try to boycott as a group but the group has to be large enough that the entire event would be cancelled and that’s still puts the women in a difficult position because the women organizing the boycott take on all the risk. My point with discussing international sports was to say that being against TIM inclusion is less risky for women from non-Western countries because the gender insanity is practically non-existent in their countries and therefore a statement like “trans women are biologically men and should not compete with women” is not controversial.

Alison Sydor, a former Olympic medalist and professional mountain biker from Canada, has been a very vocal proponent of protecting women's sports on Twitter. Are there any other cyclists that we know of that are publicly calling to protect women's sports? It would be nice to signal-boost them and help more feel okay about speaking publicly.

Wow, I would love to see the TRAs try to accuse all these women of being TERFs

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