Man, I’m so glad they did the poll. Now we have the evidence we all expected and the right data to point to when TRAs trot out the couple of handmaidens who don’t mind competing against TIMs. I’d be curious about the survey questions, though. If they weren’t offered in cyclists’ native languages or used the usual obfuscating “would you welcome a trans female…” language, it could even be an undercount for our side.

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Clignet said her group was “for the inclusion of transgender athletes in cycling without compromising equality in women’s cycling”. She said: “This does not mean the women don’t believe there should be inclusion for trans athletes in cycling – we just want to keep the promise of fair and safe cycling to women alive and well.”

I hate how we are always expected to be accomodating, always have to sugarcoat and mitigate our words lest anyone gets offended, whereas the TRAs get free reign to spew their hate as they please. Clignet could not just have said, "We don't want trans athletes in female cycling, full stop", because she knows she would have been destroyed. She had to sweeten the pill, so they wouldn't have unequivocal reasons to attack her (not that this will stop them, but still). Sad.

What drives me bloody barmy is they act like they’re having any and every oppertunity to participate in sport taking away from them. Uwu poor little trans girl can’t play any sport because the meanie girls won’t let them join in waaaa. No you great big bunch of dolts you can play with the boys, the issue isn’t that you don’t have access to sport, it’s that you don’t have access to womens sport which is where you want to be.

Literally, on yer bike!

They want to effortlessly dominate. They can't prey upon anyone in the men's division. It's cowardly and sick.


/ˈpeləˌtän/ (noun)

the main field or group of cyclists in a race.

because I didn’t know, so someone else prob doesn’t either

In other news, the Pope is still Catholic.

Of course they're opposed. The new thing is that they are actually being asked, which oughtn't to be a thing at all, but that is where we are today.

David Lappartient, has suggested that the current rules might need to include a further reduction in the testosterone threshold.

Exactly how much of a drop in testosterone will offset the different angle of the thigh caused by women having a wider pelvis - which allows males to apply more direct power to the pedals? What level will offset the larger heart and lungs of a male? What level will make up for the significantly higher male strength and muscle mass?

I'm so tired of this debate coming back to testosterone.

Man - testosterone ≠ Woman

People actually think that the hormonal composition somehow makes up for that, or that it’s “no different” than any way another woman could have been shaped. Yes the stupidity also hurts me.

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Sports Organizations: But a male is really upset and has man-tears! I will ignore what female athletes are saying and let the AGP compete to satisfy his creepy fetish. I aM a GoOd AlLy.

The TRAs and Serena Joys are out and about trying to convince everyone that the problem doesn't exist at all. I had one tell me that I need to "educate" myself on Trans and Non-Binary people.

Why do I need to "educate" myself on entitled AGPs and dunderheads who think they aren't male or female?