Haven't clicked on this yet but my automatic thought was, "Is there a side to Victoria's Secret that isn't dark?"

LOL true - it always gave me creepy vibes.

Seems so many people are sucked into the shiny sparkly marketing side of life, yet it was just another weapon invented by greedy predators to beat women over the head with images of the “perfect women”

Yeah. As a 12 year old my sister wanted to take me into that store to get my first bra and I planted my feet in the ground at the mall and started wailing "NOOOOOOOO I DON'T WANT TO BE SEXY!!!!!!" :-)

Still haven't been.

The company hawked “a woman born perfect and made better with push-ups and padding,” ... images that instilled body dysmorphia into a generation of people around the world.

Which people would that be? Also is all self-consciousness, dissatisfaction, self-hatred now body dysmorphia or is ideological language being normalized and inserted into broader contexts?

meeting the appetite for a new breed of woman looking to reclaim her sexuality.

Is that really whose appetite was being met?

“It talks about female empowerment from a more current perspective,”

Not too encouraging since modern female empowerment seems to == prostitution or transition.

There are a bunch of other documentaries mentioned in that article.

The downfall of these fucking companies is delicious. I am eating it all up.