Ahahaa, they even managed to get the diaper fetish in there!

My fave is the skit where Emily gets arrested and as Emily is sitting at the desk in the precinct doing his intake interview, the policeman asks if he wants to call home. Emily says "oh yes, thank you" in his high-pitched ladyee voice and over-effusive ladyeelike way, then dials the old rotary phone in a most feminine w ay with his delicate ladyee fingers, coquetteishly smiling and batting his eyelids at the cop sitting on the other side of the desk all the while. But when the telephone is picked up on the other end, suddenly Emily's voice drops into deep man register as David Walliams says, "Hi, it's Dad. Put your mother on."

Wow, so accurate, except for (i) the time they actually pee in the men's room and (ii) all the regular people being allowed to tell the truth, i.e. that they're men.

Not sure if anyone has already posted this as I’m new enough here still. But my friend and I watched this earlier and had such a laugh about how much of it has actually become quite relevant.

Quite prophetic but he probably knew some gender specials before we all did.

How has Matt Lucas not been cancelled?

[–] Carrots90 17 points Edited

1-he is male

2- he has made the proper noises about TWAW and TMAM

still not dating TIFs tho. It’s fine as long as the young LGB are still open season

What about the other guy? Also a coward?

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I haven’t seen him in the public light. AFAIK he isn’t in show buisness

Edit to add, I can name two places I’ve seen him right off the bat. Krod Mandoon and Pitch Perfect

Don’t even know the other guys name

Edit to add again, maybe he wouldn’t apologize

Here's the one with TIMs in women's sports: Little Britain Does Sport Relief 2016

Were there any TIMs in women's sports yet (other than Renée Richards back in the 1970s)?

So funny 😂

I love how he resorts back to his usual male voice when he doesn’t get his way - “kiss my hand…..KISS IT”

Interesting that this is still up. I thought all versions of this 'Im a lady' sketch had been purged from youtube.

These skits were so prophetic. The only difference is that Emily & her friend were at least respectful enough to use the blokes bathroom

Today's TIMs are just like the TIMs from 20 years ago, who were ridiculed in these skits. But now there's more of them and they have a lot of money to push their demands.

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