The Emmys were a hot mess express last night, save Sheryl Lee Ralph's amazing win/speech, but this really ticked me off. I thought it was unbelievably tacky, not that I really expect anything more from Jimmy Kimmel, but FFS. It was Quinta's first Emmy win, and she had to give her acceptance speech with this loser on the ground practically up her dress. Like it wouldn't occur to you "oh this is a big moment for her, I should get my ass up and end this already lame bit so she can give her speech in peace"?

Side note, highly recommend Abbott Elementary. It's funny and sweet, and the writing is really sharp. Quinta deserved better!

Ugh, thank you for posting this. It was dumb but harmless when he did it as part of his presenter bit, but it should have ended when the winner was announced. He ruined her moment and it came off as spiteful and intentional.

Yeah the bit was exactly that. Stupid but harmless during the announcing, but as soon as someone won he should have popped up and gotten off the stage. She has been gracious about it, but I also wonder if she's playing down her feelings because it's what so many of us have had to do in our jobs over the years. To pretend we're not offended so that we don't get the "emotional woman" label. And it's probably 50x for Quinta because God forbid she looks like an "angry black woman". Just stupid.

Yeah, she's backed into a corner here. Even if she truly is unbothered, the whole thing has taken some of the shine off her win. Now this is the story. We should be talking about what a great show Abbot is, and celebrating her for creating it, but now it's Jimmy Kimmel Jimmy Kimmel. He's part of her win now, and it sucks.

Plus, there's the gross undercurrent of wondering if he would have done it if someone else had won. Would he have stayed on the ground if he had been presenting to Mike White? We don't know and that's part of what makes shit like this insidious.

Abbot really is such a cute show! It's just refreshing to be able to watch a funny, heartfelt show with sharp writing. I am glad she got her due, even if Jimmy's nasty self was splayed out on the floor.

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I would have called for housekeeping.

And I'd want to quote the garbage men from Better Off Dead, but I don't think Jimmy Kimmel is "perfectly good".

It was on in the background. One winner (I think?) was being so damn dramatic that you’d think she’d discovered the cures for both cancer and AIDS. I couldn’t help but roll my eyes…..yes, you’re talented, but it’s not like this makes a profound difference in the world. It’s just an exercise of the acting world congratulating themselves. I can’t stand award shows in general….

I wouldn’t have expected better from The Man Show’s “What’s in my Pants?” segment host, so…