There’s a part of me that feels like they can only do this because Kim Catrall is not participating. Samantha sure as hell knew who has a penis and who has a vagina and I can’t see her falling for this they/them crap 🙄

[–] jvsmine 17 points Edited

lmfao, like fuck, they'd have used Samantha for their agenda.

they'd have literally made Samantha totally against it and then the nb would get her into bed and Samantha would claim it was the best sex of her life and Samantha would go on to say TMAM and NB mascs are capable of being manly enough for her and she'd rock a trans flag or something.

same as what they did with Ian on Shameless being disgusted by sex with women but all the sudden he was so in love with a transman. made me sick. their agenda is so blatant.

Ugh. That Shameless storyline was like watching some pro trans after school special. I couldn't watch the show anymore after that awkward propaganda.

Ugh. That Shameless storyline was like watching some pro trans after school special. I couldn't watch the show anymore after that awkward propaganda.

It sounds like an infomercial for conversion therapy:

"Hey Parents! Sick of having an embarrassing gay son? You want to have grandbabies someday and need your son's sexuality to be corrected? Just hook him up with a tomboy who uses "special pronouns"! Problem solved! And its not REALLY conversion therapy because the boy will be gaslit into believing that penetrating a vagina is super gay as long as the girl keeps her hair short!!"

They shouldn’t have let Emme Rossum go. That was a big mistake. Her character really did hold the show together.

When shows start preaching it’s because they’re out of storyline and are trying to stay relevant by morally enlightening the audience. But with a twist!

It’s annoying as hell.

This is why certain shows remain classic and funny forever. They quit before they ever have a “very special episode”.

[–] jvsmine 3 points Edited

legit same. my girlfriend was really annoyed as well but almost more annoyed at me for never letting up about them as a couple. we watched for a little while longer and were pleased to see he ends up with Mickey but it just wasn't enjoyable for me anymore. same as when they brought that exact same TIF actress in as Callie's "boyfriend" on the fosters. Peter Paige has been breaking my heart lately and my only comfort is thinking like...Melanie Marcus from Queer as Folk would NEVER put up with this shit. She'd be fighting so hard against TIMs in female spaces, edit* not to mention the transing of young gay and lesbians, my amazing radical feminist dyke Jew lawyer 💗

little bit of a rant, sorry 😅

The U.S. Shameless? I've only seen the original British and I didn't want to watch the U.S. version because I knew I'd hate it lol

I'm glad that I quit that show before that happened. That would have definitively been the moment that show jumped the shark for me.

The same woman who dumped a man she really liked because his dick was just too small. And dumped a lesbian partner because she was sick of all the emotional stuff. Sam would be up for anything but the defining characteristic of Sam is that she fucks like a man and chafes at long term commitment despite her best efforts. I love her.

hahaha I forgot about her with the lesbian! yeah, Samantha would say the NB masc is even better than lesbians bc no emotional baggage or something, plus you can still have "lesbian sex", bc NBs are allowed to define sex how they want and cis people get no say even if they're the ones involved (see TIMs forcing their wives to id as lesbians)

Yeah I couldn't see Kim falling for it. She was the only one of them with opinions on set and it seems like that's what made the other women not get along with her (she is also the oldest.) She said in one old episode for example they wanted her character to start talking about sex to the actresses playing 13-year-olds and she flat out refused and told them they needed to re-write it.

Yeah. Kim Cattrall is really dodging a bullett here. - I don't see this working out well. On facebook I saw an instagram-post linked that speculates if Miranda will FINALLY get her big coming out on the show. And I totally see that happening, with Cynthia Nixon having a TIF daughter. She is up to her neck into the gender-cult. - Watch Miranda getting a divorce to be with the they-character, realising that she never was into all those men she dated during the first run of the show. This will become a total shit-show.

I really hope they don't make Miranda lesbian. They clarified that she was not quite early in the show and it's so refreshing to have the odd kinda-GNC character who is not secretly gay or trans. Cynthia is gay but Miranda is not Cynthia.

If they're so desperate, make Brady gay or a.TIM.

Same. I loved the episode where her boss wants to add a lesbian couple to his dinner parties but she just isn't attracted to her lesbian friend. I hope Miranda stays straight.

Would she be a "lesbian" if she dates an NB? Is there a definition for a relationship like that? I guess they would call it "QUEEEEEEER", because pansexual is transphobic now.

Brady can be a TIM on top of that. A gay son wouldn't be woke enough, they had gay characters in the original run.

I'm just wondering how this will pan out. The Girls will be eating salad somewhere and Charlotte will misgender their new friend who is giving a fabulous party somewhere. Miranda will remind her Sara goes by them now. Charlotte will be adorably ditsy about her struggle to remember all the new pronouns but her forehead will not move due to all the botox. Carrie will make a really laboured pun probably related to shoes and laugh at her own super awkward joke. Later, after coveting some cute designer brogues, she couldn't help but wonder... are we ALL non-binary?

Hahaha! You should apply for a position as a writer, if you can tolerate that you have to write the material to re-educate all us ugly and stupid TERFs. ;)

[–] Nurvilya [OP] 12 points Edited

I'm not gonna lie ... I loved the original show, and re-watched it one or two times. But I guess I won't be in for the re-boot. I don't need a they/them educating the characters (and us, the viewers) on woke things.

And I wonder why they try to pander to the gender specials anyway? Whenever I see SATC mentioned these days, it is to rip it apart because it was biphobic, transphobic, whatever-phobic. It's not like the crowd they are seemingly trying to win over will give a damn about this show coming back in the first place.

I'll complain all the way through but I know I'll watch it.

Did you see SJP's show Divorce? That was kind of like Carrie if she'd had kids and moved to the burbs. I liked it.

No, I didn't. I think it was never aired here, and I wasn't interested enough when I heard about it to go and look for it.

I used to really like this actress. There will be no proud GNC women left when the woke are through with us.

For the brief time I watched Gray's anatomy I liked her a lot, I didn't know that was her name and I didn't know she was now NB. Sigh.

They butchered her character in later seasons but she had a great run.

Apparently she had a lot of body image issues on set because she wasn’t rail thin like most of the others, and she never seemed to have great self-esteem, so the NB turn wasn’t all that surprising unfortunately.

Awww that's too bad. I quit at the plane crash tbh. I liked her character and I thought she was so body positive. Sigh.

Late to this thread, but that show is NOTHING without Samantha and nothing without the theme of female friendship being dominant. Guess they had to bow to the woke police and ruin the legacy.

I'm hoping this character is just a irrelevant side character because it sounds stupid and like it has zero to do with the show. They probably felt forced to fill a quota. 'Let's get one side character that comprises every minority status possible" sort of thinking. I think they've heard the criticisms, which is why they stuck Jennifer Hudson into one of the movies. Her side story felt forced, like they wrote it in last minute so they could say they had a main black character. This is probably the same thing, now tripled.

With all that being said, I'm very much looking forward to this. There's never been another show like Sex and the City. It was well written, entertaining and managed to be dramatic and light hearted, simultaneously.

Interesting comment about Sarah Jessica Parker's character not aging well.

I don't think they mean aging as in growing old, but as a person, the character spent too much time on crap and bullshit, she never really seemed to ground herself or plant her feet firmly on the earth or in her space, she married a guy (or didn't? I don't remember) that is kinda of a big dick idiot rich loser, (Mr Big right?) a guy who is flaky and unreliable and annoying, didn't seem to respect her life as a woman or her fertility and literally wasted her limited time on this earth with his crap, frankly, because his character is not very intelligent (I guess I should blame the writers for this...).

So, this woman spent the best years of her life 20s, 30s, and 40s, spinning her wheels with all this bullshit makeup, and shoes, and pointless vacations, and drinking, and just, chasing dick and balls around like shiny baubles, you know, immature nonsense really.

This is not the "good life". Why would you want to rush around doing a whole bunch of useless crap to buy a bunch of nonsense and facilitate "getaways", ignore your fertility as a mammal and elongate the search for a mate into absolute absurdity because you've not learned how to make peace in your own home with your own self?

I do not envy this character's life. I also do not think the life of the character has "aged well". This is not a model for the modern liberated woman or some crap. It's poop level content that really says nothing about the human condition, other than the fact that urban Western women fail at mate selection, which is why demographically my country (US) is dying.

Sure it's dramatic to say I'm watching an imperial train wreck, but, it is entertaining.

The only possible way that show could get any worse is by further pushing neoliberal consumerist (eww, "sex positive" too) ethic as a means to self-actualization to the degree that even the body can be labeled and divided and called something it's not. Non-binary doesn't exist. Trans doesn't exist. These are not measurable things in nature. They are fictions in the minds of men, just words. The human body cannot be fragmented this way except through death and only death. Which is interesting because gender ideology is essentially a modern sacrament-focused (HRT is metabolic poison), ritualistic (extreme body modification, religious castration), death cult, where even child sacrifices are strongly encouraged from birth. Meaning, the "true" believers pick apart their bodies as sacrifices until their souls and bodies are simply hollowed nothing, and the women even give up their own children right out of their wombs.

We all know this western death cult leads its followers to infertility, severing your body from your lineage, health, and family, suicide, psychosis, isolation because gender followers end up looking and smelling like unhealthy reminders of how the inexorable march of death spares no one. Yes, they are off-putting.

How gross to pretend these ideas should go uncritized in a supposedly literate empire.

Remember the episode where Samantha ran into her ex who was now a drag queen named Samantha? He'd copied everything about her. Totally accurate TIM pattern. The former writers knew.

If the reboot was accurate, Charlotte would be divorced or widowed, would go on a date with a handsome museum director, and then stop in horror when she came to "his" vagina. And they'd all make puns about it over brunch. Instead we'll be preached at.