My toddler is obsessed with her.

My four year old cannot get enough! Which I don't really mind.... It's a great show. I aspire to be the parent that Bandit is. I really love how they even show Chilli and Bandit getting frustrated or bored with the kids' games, but they still are like the absolute sweetest parents ever.

I’m still getting acquainted with all the characters (daddy is day care stay at home dad while I work)

But yes - I’ve been making sure to see it in the mornings and they are awesome.

I haven’t seen any gender woo or indoctrination yet. Just wholesome stuff with good “morals”.

No, in fact I love that the parents are both working parents, and the dad is more hands on than the mom. So really it's a nice gender non-conforming family in a way. And also Bluey would have been a boy on any other show. As would Muffin. And Aunt Trixie would never have been gray either. I could go on and on!

I love this show so much. Just had to share! It is a big hit with all ages in our house.

The GIRL dog is.......BLUE!?!? Is this show about a trans dog!?!?! /s

I genuinely thought they were both boys, and then thought the queens episode was gonna be some trans shit.

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Bluey is great, my 4 year old and 2 year old like this show a lot. And it gave us lots of ideas for games to play on our own!

I just love how the dad doesn't sound like n actor playing a dad. He sounds like a real parent lmao 🤣

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But...but...but Pink News says it lacks “disabled, queer, poor, gender diverse, dogs of colour and single-parent dog families", so it must be problematic... https://www.pinknews.co.uk/2021/04/15/bluey-cartoon-diverse-characters-disabled-queer-gender-diverse-dogs/

I love this too. It's actually funny and charming, with lovely depictions of both parents, and far better than Peppa. It baffles me how that's so popular.

? How are you supposed to portray POC as dogs in a nonoffensive way? The whole point is they are dogs... Everyone is represented because no one is. There is no such thing as a dog of color. 🤦

Also I am pretty sure a lot of the rest is covered? It's not in the foreground because it's a show for kids, and kids don't care about that stuff.

There is always someone ready to hate on anything!

Bluey is one of the best children's shows I have ever seen. My sister and I adore it and the first episode I saw was Grannies which had me in tears from laughing. The episode about Bingo sleep walking never fails to make me cry.

Bingo is stealth probably the best character. She has such a sweet, sensitive heart! ❤️

The show makes me cry all the time too!

The characters are so well written and it really captures how children imagine and play. I think it is a better show than Pepper Pig, but that’s not to say Pepper Pig doesn’t have its place.

I think Snickers the sausage dog is one of my favourites for his little legs alone and the hat.