I'm ambivalent about the comic, and I'm afraid the trailer looks like more of the same. The artwork was arresting, I was interested to see how the scenario would play out--but in the end, I bounced off the very male take on a woman run world. The combination of "helpless little ladies can't keep the lights on" and "men with boobs running around with guns".

I think women would be a lot better at keeping the lights than is portrayed. Yes, women are in the minority in technical fields, but many women have formal or informal technical know-how as a result of early interest, before they were steered away from it or they decided not to deal with the BS. The ones with professional training and experience will bring the others along quickly, because women would generally co-operate. The stranded aircraft--I did not believe. No female pilots able try and talk an untrained woman through a landing? None at all? Yes, the chances of success would be very low, but they would have tried.

And the running around with guns. Not the female default. The female default would be trying to keep everyone alive (though they'd have numerous disagreements as to how), not kill each other off. For a project I was working on I did a certain amount of reading about responses to disasters, and though the media loooove their narratives of looting and fighting and societal breakdown, the vast majority of people (men and women) respond by trying to help and fix things. Unskilled helpers are a bigger problem to first responders than violence.

We won't even get into the whole lone-scientist portrayal of science. Seriously? How many women scientists do you think there are in a planet of 3.5 Bn people?

There's a feminist take on this rattling around in the back of my skull. A functional woman's world in which women fill all the spaces in the social and dramatic ecology.

Tbh, I also feel ambivalent about the comics. I started reading them after all the critical acclaim they received, and then lost interest after a certain point and never finished the series. I'm interested to see what they do with the adaptation, but it looks like it's going to be a pretty faithful adaptation (unfortunately...).

As you mentioned, the comics seem to have a fundamental misunderstanding of women and just general human nature. Yeah, losing half of the world's population would cause untold chaos, death, and destruction, but it's hard to believe women would respond to that cataclysmic event by picking up guns and committing political coups. There was other goofy, men-writing-women stuff in the comics, like women cross-dressing as men and prostituting themselves to lonely, horny straight women πŸ™„.

So, the tv series might have some interesting or thought-provoking storylines, but I feel like it's going to be mostly female characters acting erratically & illogically while a bunch of male viewers whine about the show being man-hating feminist propaganda.