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Given that we had another gender ideology scene from this show here recently I wanted to show this part of it too. The context is that a TIF here lets a gay man believe she is male and only reveals she is trans when he touches her and doesn't find a penis. Then she gets pissed off at him until he apologises and grovels. The show displays this as the gay man being clueless and offensive. Oh, of course she calls him fag too as well as using the word on several other occasions.

I was actually gobsmacked when she called him a 'faggot' because I didn't think the show would be honest and depict the kind of abuse that gay men routinely get from TIFS.

I was actually gobsmacked when she called him a 'faggot' because I didn't think the show would be honest and depict the kind of abuse that gay men routinely get from TIFS.

Yeah. But they painted the homophobic abuse as justified so....not really a win.

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Yep,this was awful and painful to watch the entire time the TiF was on screen. I absolutely fucking hated the bullying Ian until he had sex with her, and then bullying him to use a strap on on him when he was clearly not okay with it. The person's terrible irl too, she constantly gave ~creative input~ to the director and argued all the time. That unbearable scene where the teens are listing off their identities came from the TiF actor. Her character constantly lecturing people on the right words and terms to use was awful. Like chill the fuck out no one's going to want to listen to someone who snaps at them aggressively over something they had no idea about.

This isn't really related but something her character did that really made people angry was telling Ian "she apologized, get over it" referring to his mother and his truama from her that Trevor (idk the actors irl name) had NO CLUE ABOUT AT ALL or the extent of it. Garbage all around. Added nothing to the show. The characters forgotten soon as she leaves. At least to the audience.

I first watched this while going through my trans phase and while I was with my ex, also a TiF, and even then I could not nstand this character.

Something I noticed about the character though, is that the entire time she's there for emotional labor. To the "homeless teens" she helps, to Ian's bipolar disorder, trying to sort out everyone else's problems in Ian's family. Female socialization doesn't fail, huh?

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Wait, that over the top cringey scene with all the 'queers' wasn't supposed to be a joke?! I always thought it was mocking them, I had no idea a TIF came up with it and intended it to be educational or some shit. lmao Gotta admit though, they did a great job (even though now I realize it was unintentional) portraying how pushy and homophobic TRA's are. Like congrats, you guilted a mentally ill gay man into having sex with a woman and joining your cult. So wholesome!

Editing to say I watched this before I peaked, so I'm not just being biased in thinking it was all meant as a ridiculous joke. I thought Trevor was supposed to be unlikable... Lol

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In the original British version, Frank Gallagher comes across a TIM who’s been looking after his baby daughter, and I quote:

“That’s a fucking bloke”

Frank was so terrible but so great. He wouldn't stand for this crap. I'm fromnthe U.S. and I can't bring myself to watch the U.S. version.

I honestly think it’s my bias showing because Trevor is acting so disgusting here and is objectively a horrible person invading gay spaces and being homophobic. But all I can feel is sadness for her and the actress that plays her. I can see a GNC woman in there who, in a different world where straight men were safe and fun to date and women weren’t treated like garbage or heavily encouraged to present themselves in an uncomfortable way, she would have shone really bright.

Probably not though. Probably just a POS person.

I read that scene as a man who feels like he showed disrespect towards a woman and now feels obligated to be nice to her. I can't read it as anything else. Guess that's my 'cisheternormative' viewpoint. Otherwise, how could he put up w/ her calling him a 'f******'? I mean, that was awful.

Yeah, I hated Trevor. "He" is TOTALLY a "dude" with a vagina lol

is this supposed to be comedic? I think this would make the majority of people dislike trans people:

  • Go to gay bar
  • Lead man who is presumably gay into vibing with you
  • Oh actually I'm female! Why don't you want to have sex with me Reee I have a dildo! that's the same!!
  • Male is confused, tries to cope with logic imploding and half correctly tries to label you as a man with a vag
  • "Fuck you f*ggot!" storms off
  • ??? #transrights

TERFS are writing this? It could only be more transphobic-core if it zoomed in on her crying at the bar and wiping bar grime off her packer while the ginger makes out with another man in the background

I made the mistake of reading the comments and it’s mostly people talking about how ‘cute’ they were as a couple?!

It's the "I thought you were nonbinary" for me 😂 everything she says is written like satire!

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The top comment, though…. I thought it referred to the TIF! 🤣🤣🤣