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It actually never struck me as weird that the SATC women wouldn't have many non-white friends. It felt like one of the more realistic parts of the show sadly, lol. I have white friends, but they're not like the women on the show. I found the show fun when I finally watched it in college (2015) and yes, some of it aged like absolute milk. But I was never delusional enough to think "Wow, that could totally be my life someday!" The entire show was an upper-class white girl fantasy written by a gay man. Had nothing to do with me.

Also, assigning each of your main characters a "shiny, new non-white bestie" is pathetic and offensively obvious virtue signaling. The only good thing about this show is that it's single handedly destroying the "non-binary" label because no one is going to want to identify with a character as lame and obnoxious as Sara Ramerez's is.

Why is an overwhelmingly white show "wrong" or even need to be "fixed"? Looking for woke points and attention Cynthia?

I am guessing because SATC is based in NYC which is supposedly "diverse", but the reality is that it's very segregated, especially in social settings. You'd be hard pressed to find a multicultural group of friends there.

Yeah I've noticed that everywhere. I've lived in many places and all people tend to stick with "their own".

What happens is new migrants all tend to live in the same area because of religious centres, language, opportunities, other people from some region/religion (sense of community), food (often import food from home) , etc

One wiseass said once that the most authentic thing about SATC and Girls---two shows criticized for lack of POC characters-- was the all-whiteness of the social circles depicted.

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Apparently they could not find an Asian comedian for the podcast storyline that did not engage in underage sex in Mexico.
Research bobby lee he makes very PUBLIC jokes about going to Mexico to have paid sex with underage girls.

His name is bobby lee

Here is a link to podcast where he laughs about having sex with a crying underage prostitute.


Wtf, the same Bobby Lee from MadTV?

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Don’t watch madTv. But Wikipedia says the same guy

He talks about paying for sex with an underage girl that during sex he sees that she is crying so he fucks her harder so he can finish Yes finishing is important and apparently very funny

Black people! Cynthia is here to fix the problem!

Sure white people in power should deal with issues of representation but this sounds so savioury

you can't rewrite history, you can't fix things from the past by adding token POC characters.