I’ve never seen this show and never will but I can tell you making a show about childbirth where the main character is an unsympathetic male physician is a bad idea.

I wish it was only the male care providers who were unsympathetic. In my experience, the midwives were nice on the surface, but it was very much, "bless your heart, don't worry your pretty head about that!" Ugh. As if I am not an educated person capable of knowing things about my body.

Research compassion fragile

It affects a lot of emergency/healthcare professionals

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I'm only two or three episodes in... the main character is constantly dismissive of his maternity patients (to the point where he puts their lives in danger) and he treats his female co-worker like garbage. I instantly hated him. I couldn't tell if they were going for a character like Dr. House (who is still a capable and caring doctor despite his personality), or if this doctor is supposed to have some sort of character arc where he learns to treat women better. I'm not sure.

edit: also, if this show is a "brutally accurate view" of what childbirth at the hospital is really like, it has successfully soured me on the idea of one day having a hospital birth.

The horrible thing it’s based on an actual doctor’s memoirs. Even more incentive to make sure your obstetrician is not a man.

That's the sense I got from reviews. I thought we were trying to move away from that model in obstetric care :/

Some hospitals are fabulous. Eg the rpa in Sydney has a birthing centre(run by midwives) and a labour ward (both doctors/nurses). You can transfer from birthing centre if something goes wrong. So there maybe similar options locally. I was a chicken and went labour ward because I spotted during my first pregnancy

In a sane society, this would be criminal evidence against him

Instead it's glorified! It beggars belief. Reminds of One Born Every Minute - I watched a few, but hated it. You come away thinking every other birth is a traumatic emergency where everyone nearly dies...

Not remotely true at all. This stuff is psychic terrorism against women and children.

It is! You expressed it so clearly. It can't be true or the human race would not have made it this far, and yet it is the narrative that we are sold again and again.

Full disclaimer: I haven't either read the book or seen any of this adaptation - and having read the reviews coming out, I'm pretty sure I don't want to! Avoiding being treated like a slab of meat is exactly why I gave birth at home. But if anyone here has been watching and has some thoughts, I'd be interested to hear them.

Can I ask if you would recommend a home birth?

Definitely! I recognise it doesn't suit everyone, but for a low risk pregnancy, go for it. Anecdotally, my midwife, who is leader of the homebirth team at the maternity unit I was under the care of, said the majority of births at home progress normally and go really well. From the reading that I did, being at home (in an environment that you feel is safe and private) is actually the best thing to support physiological birth.

On a less sciency note, it was great. I cannot recommend highly enough showering in your own bathroom and snuggling in your own bed immediately after giving birth.

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It is wild that all the hospital staff they interviewed talk about how much they love the show then end on this!

We want to reassure women that the NHS is still one of the safest places to give birth in the world.

This show is definitely a real boon to the NHS!

LOL I know, I loved the end of that article! Wow, how to make everyone panic...