I have never known other women who like this show. The books are good too.

I took a risk in reading the article as I have yet to watch the final season... spot-on piece. ❤️

I absolutely love The Expanse - so glad that although I found it a bit difficult to get into at first, the pay-off is amazing. Fantastic well-written characters especially the women.

I don't watch much TV but can honestly say that the franchise is one of the few where I can say that I absolutely love all the major female characters.

I've watched other shows - Star Wars Rebels comes to mind - and wondered why I didn't find the raved about 'not problematic' characters - whether male or female - appealing and it was a combination of how that character was written, how they got wanky preferential treatment i.e author's pet at the expense of neglecting other characters, the fandom's creepy obsessive bullying / shaming for enjoying the 'wrong' character and the tedious sermonising.

I haven't been on Tumblr for a long time but at the time I held a blog on there noticed that people said The Expanse fandom were fairly calm and mature so there was little toxicity. Not sure about the accuracy of that statement though.

Enjoy the final season! I recently finished the show and it is truly one of a kind :)

Camina Drummer is one of my favorite characters of all time. Her arc is incredible. "This universe has no place for me" to President of fucking SPACE. I love "The Expanse" and I love the female characters so so much. I'm really sad it's over.

The one shining example of men who can actually write women well. I adore this series, books and TV show. I really really wanted to name my daughter after Naomi; super sad that one got vetoed by husband!

I freakin love that show and the way the women characters have fully complex motivations.