Love the lesbian erasure and conversion therapy being broadcast in popular TV. Makes me feel so great.

She just looks like a woman with a pixie cut. Look at the size difference of her compared the woman and man next to her.

She's even small for a woman: 5'1". Average female height in the USA is 5'4".

A super petite and short woman trying to pass as a man is crazy.

Legitimately one of the reasons I desisted so quickly.

You really can't change your height, and when you compare yourself to actual men (as a women) in real life, it really puts into perspective how delusional a person who believes they are trans might be.

I wonder if this is a true case of really just needing to touch grass. Hm.

She may be even shorter than that : Publicity agents and managers routinely 'round up' female heights, when they're really short ; eg Charlene Tilton , who was only 4' 10", was listed on publicity sheets as 5' 3". I wonder if she's actually less than 5' 0"-???

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Imagine being so privlaged you get an entire show to dance around your finger tips.

Imagine being so privlaged you get an entire show to dance around your finger tips.

I know right!! Women have been fired and re-cast from TV shows for the sin of getting pregnant or getting fat. But Princess Ellen gets to COMPLETELY re-write an established character (who previously existed as a normal woman in the comics) in order to adhere to her gender-special identity.

I would actually have some respect for Ellen if she quit the show and let a "cis" woman take over her role (since presumably the testosterone will make her unable to keep playing the character as a normal woman). But NOPE! Once again, the world has to revolve around trans people and their ever changing identities!

It is complete bullshit. Good shows work around a pregnancy and there was nothing wrong with reworking Star Wars becauseMark Hamil was in an accident. Rewriting an entire character, simply because the actor as an identity crises is beyond insane. If she had any integrity at all she would have either held off transitioning or quit. Of course though, demanding that everything be about you seems to be the trend now. I hope Reddit is the minoriy and this hurts the show. I am so tired of everything revolving about being trans.

i don't understand why people on that site are so thrilled ith this; Most people do get pissed when a major character changes for no real reason.

She looks more feminine than me on that pic and I'm not even trying to be a man. Honestly what a circus

Great, now we only have one female main character in this show I guess? Why does the character have to be trans just because the actress is? It's called acting

Yep, we are also bigoted for being mad at this. See, good story telling is uimportant, what is important is making sure trans people are comfy.

"Vanya" is already a traditionally masculine name; I don't understand why they had to go change that, too.

Because that’s what the trans do, I’ve never seen one just keep their name they always change it.

Page probably assumed its a girly name because it ends in an "a". And that is just TOO TRIGGERING for her to cope with!!!!

The show already felt a little weak to me, but this is just one more thing that already made me just done with the series now. The straw that broke the camel's back, if you will.

I read the comics a while back, both felt like cool concepts, but something feels off, and the show loses a lot of steam with some of the characters (Luther and Diego especially lol). I barely remember the ending of S2 of Umbrella Academy, and that tells me I kind of just could forget most of it. I mean, I loved Number 5 and the time travel stuff, but gosh, I think I am just fully burned-out now.

Sucks to lose another woman as well in the show. Sucks even more to lose her character to gender woo. I couldn't care less if Gerard Way is considered 'non-binary', I just don't want to hear that as an excuse to make space for more 'trans' characters on the show.

I do wonder when we will get sick of this bullshit, and if the costs of changing all of the writing/everything else for special trans feelings will create red flags for the industry down the road.

This era of entertainment media is going to age extremely badly.

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