I can't read that article. Referring to women being prostituted as "sex work", hiding that buyers are men, then just as now, trying to make it sound like women go to prostitutes, like it's cool and sexy and women exploit women too, also covering up the fact that largely men can try to STDs from having sex with prostitutes and then give them to their wives. It was a huge injustice against women on both sides. This idiot erases it all.

Women sexually exploiting other women isn't cool or hot or chic.

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Bridgerton isn't supposed to be realistic at all. I mean, they have a black lady playing Queen Charlotte.

I mean, everyone's teeth are also too perfect, and how come no one has gout?

Because none of that is sexy and Bridgerton is pure escapism.

But in short, yes, 18th C London was a cess pit of exploitation, and the reason so many young unmarried women turned to prostitution was because the mainstay of single women's paid work was dressmaking/millinery, both of which paid pennies unless you'd worked your way up to owning your own shop, and wrecked your eyesight. In the season, I'm talking up all night sewing Lady so and so's gown for tomorrow's ball, by candlelight. It was so bad that sometimes "mantua maker" was used as a euphemism for prostitute, a la Terry Pratchett's Guild of Seamstresses.

So tl;dr, Bridgerton has too many teeth, too many noses, and not enough near-sighted "flower girls" with obvious pox marks.

My gf and I watch it but we can't get into it. Maybe we've become more critical of the patriarchy. Our breakdown. Anthony is giving everyone syphilis. Anthony is a douchebag and Kate is badass and should stay away from him. Watching women compete over men is hard too watch. We like the costumes and the setting though.

This is why I had a lot of trouble rooting for the romance between Anthony and Kate. Despite their attempts to soften him, all I could see was a man who purchased women to rape.