“I could feel myself getting queerer as I watched.” Maybe I’m just a party pooper , but I really dislike this whole “ I feeelllllll sooo kweeer!” schtick. I’m bisexual, and consuming media doesn’t make me feel any more or less bisexual. I don’t even know what that would be like.

Im also surprised at auto straddle celebrating a lesbian and not trying to retrospectively trans her.

Me too! Some of their writers will pepper their work with Queer AF.

How do Curve, Diva, Shewired go Queer after the first LWord ended?

What the hell is Shewired? Please don't tell me it's a women edition of Wired, as if women can't read Wired.

It was a Lesbian magazine, some of it was about the technical aspects of making media. A lot of was about culture.

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Reposted with archive link, as evidently Autostraddle is captured and misogynistic. Some genderist slurs used here, but otherwise I thought this article was a great celebration of the lesbianism spotlighted in this show. I personally am straight, but I really love it for being so unapologetically female driven! Great show, hope you all can watch on the US on April 25. I think it may already be out in the UK.

I was really surprised this was written by Heather Hogan. She second in command over at Autostraddle. First to embrace Gender Ideology.

Everything is Queeeer there.

Everyone seems to be way more in the know about that site than me! I had never heard of it before to be honest.

Maybe we can all at least come together over our mutual love of Anne Lister, haha.

Except we had to fight with a group like them in US and those in UK who wanted to Non Binary Anne Lister.